How Much Time and Money Is Needed for Website Design in Bangladesh (+Complete Breakdown of Price)

November 12, 2023by Russell Hawlader

If you live in Bangladesh and want to make a website for blogging or business, then one of the most common questions of the century is – “How much time and money is needed for website design in Bangladesh?” Again, you may already have a website and you are looking to redesign the website as your website was updated many years ago. This will cost less compared to building a new website from scratch.

According to Dr. Chris Dayagdag (CEO of Marketlink Web Solutions) – 

-“We don’t just build websites, we build websites that SELLS”

This means you should create a website design that can be sold at a good price or that will at least generate the ROI of your business. But you need to spend both money and time on a good website design in Bangladesh. The question is – “How much time and money will it cost?”

To answer that question, read this article on how much time and money is needed for website design in Bangladesh till the end.

So, how much time and money is needed for website design in Bangladesh?

Okay! Now we will discuss how much it typically costs to design a website in Bangladesh. Depending on the purpose of your website, the price may go up to $6,000 (around 5 lac BDT), with a recurring price of $1,000 (around 85,000 BDT) each year for maintenance.

On the other hand, you can pay an upfront cost of around $200 (around 17,000 BDT) for designing a website, with a monthly charge of $50 (around 4,200 BDT).

Website Feature Cost
Domain 1,000 – 5,000 BDT
Hosting/month 3,000 – 51,000 BDT
SSL Certificate 0 – 17,000 BDT
Website theme/template 0 – 17,000 BDT
Website content  0 – 43,000 BDT
eCommerce functionality (Optional) 1,700 – 20,00,000 BDT
SEO and marketing (Optional)  0 – 7,000 BDT
Apps integration (Optional) 0 – 8,500 BDT

Depending on the method of building and designing a website, will determine the actual cost. That being said, there are three ways to build a website, they are – 

  • Build a website using a website builder.
  • Build a website using WordPress.
  • Build a website by hiring a web designer.

No matter which method you choose, it will have a significant impact on the total cost for website design. We will demonstrate the estimated cost for each of these website designing methods. So, you will understand website design and development prices in Bangladesh.

Cost for building a website using website builder

Due to low cost, the website builder has become quite popular for web design and development in Dhaka. Perhaps, the cheapest solution for building and designing a website is a website builder tool. We will break down each section that requires costing. 

Website feature Cost More Info
Monthly subscription 500 – 4,100 BDT/month Includes fees for hosting, security, features, built-in features.
Apps (optional) 0 – 1,700+ BDT/month Instead of paid apps, free apps can also be used for the site’s functionality.

If you want to know how much do the best website builders cost in Bangladesh, then take a look at the best website builders and their cheapest paid plans – 

  • Squarespace – Almost 1100 BDT/month 
  • Wix – Almost 1100 BDT/month
  • Weebly – Almost 500 BDT/month

Cost for building a website using WordPress

A lot of eCommerce websites are using WordPress for quick and easy websites. Also, WordPress is also becoming popular for eCommerce website design in Bangladesh. We will break down the total WordPress website cost in Bangladesh.

Website feature Cost More Info
Hosting 250 – 4,000 BDT/month  You have to send on hosting as it is an essential cost. Often, you have to pay an upfront yearly fee rather than monthly charges.  
Security 0 – 17,160 BDT/year You may not need it as most of the time your hosting provider offers adequate security in their website development package price. 
Themes 0 – 4,200 BDT upfront There are both free and paid themes for WordPress. So, it may not cost at all.  
Apps/plugins (optional) 0 – 8,500 BDT/month This is completely optional as there are plenty of free and paid plugins as well. 

When you are designing a website with either a website builder or WordPress, there are some additional costs aside from the ones that we have mentioned. So, the total price may vary.

Cost for building a website hiring a website designer

Hence, this is the most expensive method to design a website. However, you will get a website that is exactly as your expectations, matching all the necessary features. 

There are many reputed companies for web design and development in Dhaka like ARNTech. If you don’t want to hire an individual designer, you can count on these web design and development companies in Bangladesh.  

These are the website development package prices of ARNTech – 

How much time and money is needed for website design

Website feature Cost More Info
Monthly subscription 44,000 – 85,000 BDT/year This price depends on the designer or the web design company.
Hosting 250 – 4,100 BDT/year This cost is essential and you may have to pay a yearly fee instead of a monthly fee. 
Security 0 – 17,00 BDT/year When building and designing a custom website from a designer or developer, you have to pay additional fees for security.
Professional help 43,000 – 26,00,000 upfront  This is the initial payment for the website developer or designer to initiate your contact. 

Yes, hiring a developer is obviously expensive. That is why this expensive method is not suggested unless you are running a serious website that must contain unique features tailored for your business needs.

Here’s when you should hire an agency or designer to design your website – 

  • As a website owner, you want something exceptional and you have enough technical expertise.
  • When the functionalities of your website are unique and complex.
  • When you have the budget to build a custom website. 

Building a website by hiring a developer means you already have decent knowledge to invest in the right hosting in Bangladesh. But we will show you the right hosting types along with their usual costs so that you will know when should you need them – 

Type of Hosting Cost When do you need it?
Managed hosting 1700 – 5000 BDT/month
  • When you have an online business
  • When you want to have a moderate website
  • When you want a moderate portfolio
Shared hosting 180 – 1300 BDT/month
  • When you are a new website owner.
  • When you are a blogger.
  • When you want to have a portfolio.
  • When your website is your hobby.
eCommerce 600 – 2600 BDT/month
  • When you run an online store
  • When your buyers are global

How long does it take to design a website in Bangladesh?

ARNTech has worked with many organizations to design their websites. Whether our clients are from Bangladesh or from outside the border, we make sure they get the desired website design according to their exact requirements.

Judging by our previous experience, we would say the time for creating a great website usually takes from 12 to 16 weeks. This is the time lag between starting the project and turning it into a functional website.
However, the time for designing your website may expand to 6 months depending on the complexity and size of the project. But that doesn’t mean designing a website will always take this long. ARNTech is able to design a website within 7 days.

Yes, we have done it. But we absolutely don’t recommend it. To create an outstanding website design, it deserves a realistic, logical, and achievable timeline.    

So, if you ask – “How long does it take to deploy a website?”. There is no exact or universal answer to that question. Sometimes, it may take longer than planned if there is a sudden change in the website design.

But how long does it take to redesign a website? Well, redesigning a website takes significantly less amount of time than designing a completely new website. 

What The Timeline For Website Design Can Indicate?

The timeline for website design can tell various things about the company and the client. Most of the website design and development companies in Bangladesh commit they can handover the project in the quickest possible time at the cheapest price. 

But smart clients don’t fall for such lucrative offers. Because they know that whatever is said will not be served. Website development and design companies that do this can never become too big. Because they do not maintain the quality of their service in the end.

From the customer’s point of view, there are a handful of prospective customers who don’t worry about getting their project done too soon, but are more aware of the quality of the project.
Some customers only work with the website design and development agencies who can start right away.

Hence, that company won’t give 100% effort, particularly on your project as multiple projects are already pending that they need to finish.

The metric of a good web design and development company in Bangladesh is the ability to deliver high-quality website designs at the earliest possible time. 

Conclusion – How Much Time and Money is Needed to Design a Website in Bangladesh?

Your website design should be evergreen that can cope up with the next generation. Because Neville Brody (an English graphic designer) once said – 

-“Digital design is like painting, except the paint never dries.”

By the end of this article, you must have gathered an idea about the estimated cost and time to design a website in Bangladesh. Remember, how your website turned out is not always about money and time, it’s about how much effort and creativity has been given in order to build it. 

by Russell Hawlader

I have been in the domain hosting and server industry for over 12 years and have achieved several enterprise-level certifications. When it comes to server security and hosting setup for businesses, I am a well-recognized consultant of international standard.

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