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Facebook Advertising is an innovative way to start a conversation between your business and 1.3 billion people. Everyone knows Facebook is widely used all over the world and in Bangladesh as well. Thus, the demand for Facebook advertising is inevitable.

The prominent enterprises in Bangladesh already have their own Facebook pages. In addition to this, they run Facebook marketing campaigns for promoting their products and offers. So, you can’t think of growing your business without —  Facebook marketing.

For over years, many organizations across Bangladesh have selected ARN Tech for Facebook marketing service. We proudly claim ourselves to be one of the top Facebook marketing agencies in Bangladesh. Our Facebook ads will boost your business.

We have adequate skills for running the most competitive marketing campaigns on Facebook and our service has made a strong social media presence for many businesses. Our Facebook media marketing will connect the people of Bangladesh with your business.  

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Actionable Facebook Marketing Strategy Turned Genius

Being a part of the overall SEO process, Facebook ads and campaigns are unconquerable. Whether you want to be recognized internationally or locally in Bangladesh, Facebook is the common way to interact with people. Here’s a sneak peek of our seamless Facebook marketing strategy-
Client Data Collection
To create an interactive Facebook marketing strategy in Bangladesh, it is mandatory to know the ages of the clients, their exact locations, and their interests. To assume — Facebook marketing is successful, it is important to know the target audience.
Facebook Advertising Work Process
Setup Ad Manager
Ad Manager is the initial point of creating ads, managing when and where to run them. We will configure the Ad Manager for your business, format appropriate ads, run them on proper schedules, and track them to observe the performance.
Optimized Facebook Page
Just creating a Facebook page is not enough, a lot of work needs to be done. To diligently optimize a Facebook page, we will provide details, CTA, checklists, etc. Then, we will choose the best template, a profile picture, and start promoting.
Decorated Post
The advertising plan depends on the type of post. Well-organized and decorated posts make the overall advertising plan easier and more effective. We will design the posts in an interactive way with attractive visual effects and catchy words.
Interactive Engagement
With a huge number of users on Facebook, your campaigns and ads will come to the notice of many for sure. When it becomes attractive, people will try to engage them. ARN Tech guarantees to run such advertisements and campaigns.
Increased Visitors and Followers
Our seamless Facebook advertising strategy will grow your Facebook page followers dramatically. Our appealing content is captivating enough to grab the attention of your target audience. Eventually, this will increase the number of visitors.
Prospect Analysis
The Facebook Insights Report will tell you about the performance of your Facebook page. We will generate ads in 3 categories on Facebook Ad Manager and report you under a preset schedule based on Facebook Ads Monitoring and Management.

Questions that may arise regarding Facebook marketing

Reputable organizations are applying various methods to strengthen their positions in social media. Facebook is not only a medium of entertainment but a vital platform from a business point of view. We are usually faced with the following questions regarding Facebook advertising -
What is the usual cost to boost Facebook pages in Bangladesh?

Because of the growing demand, the cost of Facebook Marketing is increasing day by day. In a nutshell, it will cost around $1 to $85 per day to boost Facebook pages in Bangladesh. To be more precise, here is the calculation –

Facebook Page Boost Cost = 1 USD (equivalent to 81 BDT)

                             15% VAT = 12.75 BDT

           20% Service Charge = 19.55 BDT

           2% Transaction Cost = 2.346 BDT


                                    Total = 115 BDT

This is the minimum cost per day for boosting one ad, the price may vary depending on region and US dollar rate.

Will the sales rate increase after boosting ads?

From our previous experiences, we were able to increase the sales rate for our clients. However, we can not provide a 100% guarantee. Even when everything is applied properly, the rate of sales growth depends on the type of your product, the content, the demand, the time, and so on.

How long do you take to run ads?

Once we have an agreement with you, it may take up to 3 hours to 1 day for us to launch the first advertisement or campaign of your company on Facebook. If we face any technical issue or if there’s Facebook maintenance, then we take more time to run ads than usual. But, we will inform you if there’s such an incident.

Which method do you accept payment?

We accept several payment gateways or direct cash. The payment gateways that we usually prefer in Bangladesh are – Bank transactions — (Dutch Bangla Bank, Islami Bank, Brac Bank, AB Bank, Prime Bank, Standard Chartered Bank), bKash, Rocket, or Upay. 

Does the page get boosted internationally if the approach is local?

Although we boost Facebook pages for Bangladesh, our approach remains at the international standard. Not only ARN Tech but all the prominent marketing agencies also optimize Facebook pages, content, and post maintaining an international level. So, the Facebook pages get boosted internationally at the same time.

Do not take services from any digital marketer or Facebook marketing agency that provides services for the local market, but does not maintain international standards for Facebook advertising.

We Offer

Although people may know ARN Tech as a website development and design company, this company has differentiated itself among other specialists. We have broad expertise in all these areas -
Guaranteed SEO Services and Campaigns That Brings Sales
Get an affordable, secure, robust, and high speed web hosting
Getting a domain is just the starting of your dreams come true
We have a prestigious reputation in Bangladesh for developing efficient mobile applications.
Create your business brand image, we have creative production
ARN TECH is a trusted software agency, committed to turning your dream into reality.
ARN Tech is associated with social media marketing for decades.
Anrtechbd can help you to create the most useful and attention-grabbing websites at an affordable price.

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“ARN Tech is above and beyond their competitors. I have talked with other advertising agencies. Some of them wouldn’t even follow up very well when I was talking about some Facebook marketing strategies”

Michelle Dalton

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“I really liked how ARN Tech targets the online audience for my business. Their approach in Facebook advertising is innovative”

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