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9 out of 10 clients say that content helps them find a business reliable. And it gets even better for online purchases. — Over 6 out of 10 people have made a purchase after reading about an item in a blog article.

So there is no denying the importance of well-crafted content for your business. With us, your content will have a sharp edge and speak directly to your target audience.

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How our content marketing process works:

Our content marketing clients ask numerous questions before and after the on-boarding. We have handpicked some of those that our clients ask the most. Here are those. Our work process goes through 5 steps-
Initial meeting
This is the meeting where we have an open and detailed discussion with you about your business, your goals, existing marketing process and your preferences
Content Marketing Process
Industry research
Research forms the core of our content marketing strategy for each client. During this step, we perform super-extensive research on your industry, your business operation, products and services and your performance so far.
Getting to know your customers
Getting to know your customers Even the most engaging content will be useless if it's not curated with your customers in mind. That’s why we make knowing your customers like the palms of our hands a top priority. From analyzing social media profiles to conducting surveys and talking to analysts, we leave no stone unturned.
Content marketing strategy development
Armed with data on your customers, your business and products/services, we start formulating a strategy that helps you meet your business goals. This strategy covers everything from content production frequency and marketing platforms to metrics used for measuring content performance in the short and long term.
After the content marketing strategy is ready, we will have another sit-down with you. In this, we will inform you of the projected growth in engagement you will receive through our content. Our strategists will walk you through every section of the framework so that you know what you are going to get for your money.

Frequently asked questions

The term email marketing is not so familiar in Bangladesh. So, before taking this type of service, people often ask the following questions out of their curiosity
Can you create product-focused content for social media?

Yes Definitely. Our content marketing services include engaging content production. We have teams of designers and content writers just for this purpose.

Can I review the content before it’s posted?

Content will be scheduled for post only after you approve. You will always be kept in the loop for content production.

Would you help us create our business profiles?

We specialize on — Facebook, Google My Business, Bing Places, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Do you provide paid ad services for social media and search engines?

Paid ad is to content marketing like cheese is to pizza. So yes, paid ads for social media and search engines are at the heart of our — content marketing services.


We Offer

ARN Tech started as a website design and development company. — Over time, it has gained specialties in other sectors as well by gaining excellence. Aside from SMS marketing, we are involved in these activities -
Guaranteed SEO Services and Campaigns That Brings Sales
Get an affordable, secure, robust, and high speed web hosting
Getting a domain is just the starting of your dreams come true
We have a prestigious reputation in Bangladesh for developing efficient mobile applications.
Create your business brand image, we have creative production
ARN TECH is a trusted software agency, committed to turning your dream into reality.
ARN Tech is associated with social media marketing for decades.
Anrtechbd can help you to create the most useful and attention-grabbing websites at an affordable price.

Great Clients
Awesome Reviews

“Their swift attention to my new business gave me the tools to determine my ideal customer, provide appropriate content and course material”

Anna Maria Jorgensen

Love and Relationship Expert

“ARN Tech has the dedicated team members compared to other content marketers in Bangladesh”

Hamish L

NT, Australia

“I spoke with ARN Tech to take their guest posting service. It was the right decision I have made. ARN Tech is the reason for my SERP success”

Alek Egor

Content Manager, B2B Firm



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