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Web Design Work Process

There are over — 9 crore internet users in Bangladesh and it’s growing at a rate of 20%. With a modern website, you can reach them easily 24/7 no matter where they are.

We treat every website as a unique project. To make the site responsive and engaging, we employ a multi-step process. Each step is geared towards meeting client needs while leading the way towards a beautiful white label design. 

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How we design websites

To ensure a clean, engaging and minimalist web design, our process takes into consideration every aspect of the client’s business.

This process is the same whether it’s a personal website design or a corporate one.

The following are the seven steps in our design process.
Web Design Work Process
Gathering detailed info
In this step, we gather all the info that is necessary to meet your needs. — These include keywords that your prospects to find your service/products, consumer demand analysis, industry standards or any relevant protocols.
Extensive competitor analysis
The third step involves finding out everything about your competitors. This information enables us to plan the total browsing experience that we want to deliver to your visitors.
After researching and planning, we will build a wireframe of your product. As soon as the wireframe is prepared, we will begin the app development process. We will perform a series of validations maintaining a schedule to check whether the — app's functionalities are working properly or not.
The design
In this phase, we populate the rudimentary outline formed in the previous step with elements our designers have come up with. Then we share this layout with you for feedback. If further work is needed, this layout goes into another design iteration.
To ensure our design fits your needs like a glove, your feedback is crucial. After the site design is complete, we share it with the client and get thorough feedback on every design element. After that, we modify the design until it meets your demands to the dot.
This is the final step. If you approve of the design, we produce the necessary files of the final design that web developers will need to build the backend.

Frequently Asked Question

Being one of the leading mobile app development companies in Bangladesh, our solutions are result-oriented and within your reach. Take a look at the prices of our packages and get the most relevant one -
How much do you charge for your web design services?

Our web design service charge depends on your project. The more functionality you want, the higher the charge will be. Usually, our pricing starts from 30,000/-

What’s your design handover time?

 We usually deliver the website design files within 7 business days. However, this time may vary depending on how complex your requirements are.

Can you turn the design into a fully functional website?

Yes of course. We have a highly competent team who can develop the site design into a complete and mobile responsive website.

Will you be able to make my website rank on Google?

We have helped 50+ clients rank their websites on Google for target keywords. So yes of course we can optimize your website for Google and help it rank.

Do you provide modifications for an existing design?

Website redesign is one of our key services. We have put a smile on 100+ business owners who were unhappy with their websites. When we redesign your website, you will smile as well.


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I am very satisfied with Arntechbd and using their solution for almost 5 years. They responded to every one of my queries quickly and solved my issue just the way I wanted. Their customer service is fast and reliable and the development team also works great. I am happy with my website and definitely would recommend them.

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Great work, excellent service. I am really happy with arntechbd. They helped me in every step of the way as I am a non-technical person. I will come back for more.


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I’ve taken their VIGO theme for my company and happy to say that I am 100% satisfied with their service. Both their product and service is praiseworthy. I wish you all the best in your journey ahead. Become one of the best web development companies in Bangladesh. Good luck.


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