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ARN TECH is a trusted software agency in Dhaka, committed to turning your dream into reality. We have been making our clients happy with exclusive mobile applications, tailor-made software, and websites that keep them one step ahead of their competitors. We mainly focus on producing software for the Educational, ERP, Logistics, Health Care, POS, and eCommerce sectors. Our clients praise our work with satisfaction making us a promising option for software development in Bangladesh.  

We approach intellectually with creative UI/UX design when it comes to giving visuals. Finally, you will be 100% satisfied with an interactive user experience and proven results. You will be notified about the entire software development life cycle (SDLC). On top of that, our organized support team is always ready to help you with any post-release updates.

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Why choose Arntech for Software development

We know how important it is to make your business successful. We follow the Agile development process where our developers will analyze your business perspective. Then, we will find the most potential solutions to craft your software with proper R&D through meetings and planning. Every use-cases scenario, features, updates, and drawbacks will be carefully considered. This is our work procedure -

Client Meeting
We will turn the intimidating work of software development into a piece of cake with crystal clear processes. We expertise on how to accelerate development by sculpting existing technology. Our ingrown approach with the fitting architecture always aims for success. With a simple yet effective workflow, we can assure to deliver updates on time.
Requirements & Planning
Following the Agile process, the modern process of software development will be followed to make your product functional. We think about delivering your product within the shortest time once analyzing the technical requirements. We plan diligently to construct an architect for the future so that it can evolve with your business. — Our planning defines patience and care because we believe what comes easy won’t last forever.
Software Development
ARN TECH obliges to assist its customers and enterprises with powerful solutions and agile digital resolution. A customer-centric process will be followed to resolve critical situations. We are comfortable with any programming language. But commonly use PHP, JavaScript, C#, CSS, and various frameworks to create websites, eCommerce solutions, mobile applications, visual analytics, and UI/UX designs.
Integration Services
Anytime, anywhere; we are here for anything. Our service is highly desirable if you want your software to have a unique feature or add a new feature to your existing software. We interact with products and perspectives while developing a solution. We are ready to accept any challenge.
Quality Assurance
While developing our client’s software, we R&D for every test case, test scenario, function, update, and drawback. Our software goes through rigorous test methods before they finally go to production. We make sure the quality of software remains consistent with its pinnacle.
Client Feedback
Our clients are 100% satisfied with our proven results, thus making us one of the promising software agencies. As we value our client’s needs, we leave no stone unturned to fulfill their dreams. They highly praise our work and our products are reputed for interactive user experience.
we are always ready to help you with anything, either in the pre-development or post-development period. our software includes 24/7 maintenance and support service. Whether the software is ongoing proactive development, administrative development, or bug fixing period; we are here to help.

Client Success

We have more than 11 years of experience in the software development sector.


More than 150 companies have been benefited with our security infrastructure.

Custom Software

Our outstanding record on delivering up to 600 custom software in Bangladesh.

Company Served

ARNTECH has served approximately 1000 companies in the field of Software development.

Digital Marketing
Packages and Prices

Specialized inbound marketing and automation for teams looking to increase conversions and revenue growth. The main focus of this package is to enhance quality lead, line up sales and marketing, increase the volume of the sales.
Basic HR Reach
  • Optimizing current employees
  • Searching for new employees
  • Optimizing processes
  • Assigning roles
  • Company recommendations
Advanced HR Reach
  • Rearranging current employees
  • Searching for new employees
  • Reccommending processes
  • Assigning roles
  • Company recommendations
Full HR Excellence
  • Rearranging all employees
  • Finding new employees
  • Optimizing processes
  • Assigning roles & salaries
  • Company reach

Why Need Software Development

Whether you are looking to increase conversations or revenue growth fro your business, ARN TECH got you covered with result bearing Human Resource packages -
Do you know a reliable software agency can save both money and time?

Saving money means saving business. A reliable software company is capable of saving your money and growing your business revenue.

The question is “How?”.

Well, the answer is pretty simple as you don’t need to invest in factors when worthy software is already generating them for you. It not only saves money but also saves time and labor.

Therefore, busy entrepreneurs don’t have to check the repeated processes when they are automatically generated. The reports give them a total outlook of their businesses.

How do I choose the right software solution for my business?

Once you have learned that software solutions can save your investment, you should know which type of solution is convenient for your business.

As there are several types of software depending on business types, you should have an idea about them before you finally select one. IT companies generally offer eCommerce, logistics, supply chain management, online shopping, inventory management, and accounting software solutions.

Although there can be special types of software with specific features, it completely depends on the business.

How reliable is ARN TECH in Bangladesh for software development?

The world has realized the importance of technology and so has Bangladesh. As a result, the IT business is becoming popular and IT firms are growing rapidly. These companies have been contributing a lot to the country, generating tons of foreign currencies.

But you need to choose wisely which company you will hire to develop your business software. The reputation of the company plays a major role here.

Since 2009, ARN Tech has been providing software solutions for governmental and non-governmental organizations in Bangladesh. So, we have been proudly servicing for almost 12 years. We are growing tremendously by enriching our client’s hearts with joy and satisfaction.

Does ARNTECH accept custom software development?

Of course, we love to integrate with custom software development. We love taking on challenges and appreciate customers who require custom software solutions.

Clients can always demand whether they want to customize anything of existing software or build completely new software from scratch.

Does ARN TECH ensure proper quality of software?

We don’t produce something that has plenty of quantity but no quality. Yes, quality matters, at least for us. Our software goes through some rigorous testing procedures to ensure quality.

We will try to establish a solution on time without any bugs. We ensure the quality of our software remains at its pinnacle.


We Offer

Want to know our specialities? Not only do we excel at web design and development, our expert team has reached mastery of the following services as well. We’ll make sure that you get world class service in every type of service we offer.
Our sophisticated web development service is effective and affordable.
Get trendy designs for making your website layout magnificent.
Want to rank on SERP, we are here to pull your website on SEO.
Get native Android or iOS applications with fully customizable widgets.
Our result-oriented creative videos are enough to promote your brand widely.
We maintain the latest marketing strategies to boost your business
With campaigns and bulk messages, SMS marketing will become simple.
Email marketing is necessary to increase the engagement rate between you and your customer.

Why We are Best
Software Company in Bangladesh

ARN TECH is an innovative custom software building company in Bangladesh. Affordable software development, risk mitigation, and decelerated failure rates define us. We ceaselessly monitor progress and expedite operational efficiency.

Careful optimization on the go drives us down the path to success. Our custom apps save time, assess outputs, and anticipate the ramifications. Thereby, we maximize your profits to an epic proportion.

Mark my words all your competitors will end up with an app of their own. Yes, without exception! Therefore, are you willing to snatch the lead right here right now? This is the real deal that either thrusts you ahead of the competition or slams you back into the crowd or maybe even to the rear.

Thriving companies are frantically running after the best mobile apps. However, very few are willing to give a time-honored app development strategy a go. Crazy on a rat race, they are either totally unaware or altogether ignorant of the true potential of mobile apps.

To tap into this incredible opportunity, futuristic organizations are hounding on a frenzied attempt. These farsighted businesses are forging a decisive path, slicing through the competition. They are going light years ahead by the day.

Despite being in an insane rush, this competitive mobile app development policy yields positive outcomes and appraises real results. It hurries a tectonic shift in your business approach. At the same time, you get to flaunt your transformative originality, using our top–drawer app development method in Bangladesh.

ARN TECH stands out as a packaged app solution provider. Hands down, we are the top web and mobile app development company in Dhaka. Given our comprehensive and firsthand experience in mobile application and games development, there is barely any qualified competitor to us.

Our seasoned app developers in Dhaka unleash the power of customer-oriented web and mobile apps. A broad range of creative teams is up with our endless pursuit of the latest technology. The sweet combination infallibly produces an absolutely seamless experience for the users. To provoke a genuine wow effect, we deliver more than promised.

Our app specialists in Bangladesh bring all your groundbreaking concepts straight into reality.

Client Works on
Software Development

Delivery our quality project and successfull graph of portfolio, You can take idea about our previous work

Great Clients
Awesome Reviews

I am very satisfied with Arntech and using their solution for almost 5 years. They responded to every one of my queries quickly and solved my issue just the way I wanted. Their customer service is fast and reliable and the development team also works great. I am happy with my website and definitely would recommend them.

Steve Thomaspan


Great work, excellent service. I am really happy with arntech. They helped me in every step of the way as I am a non-technical person. I will come back for more.


Mempress Solution

I’ve taken their VIGO theme for my company and happy to say that I am 100% satisfied with their service. Both their product and service is praiseworthy. I wish you all the best in your journey ahead. Become one of the best web development companies in Bangladesh. Good luck.


WA Solutions

Sign up with the best software development company in Dhaka

ARN TECH is pioneering the web design and software development industry in Bangladesh for well-grounded reasons. We draw our strength from an incredibly talented reservoir of software developers. These highly dedicated bunch of wonder boys pull off stunning projects with restrained time and budget.

ARN TECH web developers bring proven skill sets to the table. We are truly versed in all popular web technologies, including PHP, Laravel, ReactJS, and Magento. You can rely on us for front-end technologies, such as AngularJS, and back-end technologies, such as Node.js

ARN TECH development practices directly speak to your pressing concerns and goals. Hence, we come up with the most suitable software, promoting utility, ease of use, and efficiency.

Our veteran designers and developers instantly reach the core of your business concerns. This shrewd perception originates from their immense insights, garnered from years of devotion in the industry.

We create resilient and responsive websites, web apps, and eCommerce solutions

Get your hands on affordable software in Bangladesh. Turns out these apps are entirely reliable, scalable, and secure.

Besides, we revamp all your outdated websites, apps, and stores by bouncing them back to life. Our experts generate tailored web solutions for one and all.

A brilliant set of developers frames up the next-gen mobile apps, Android apps, iOS apps, and cross-platform mobile apps, tapping into the latest breakthrough technologies. We spare none of the formidable tools, such as Android Studio, Xcode, PhoneGap, Kotlin, Xamarin, React Native, etc in our quest for excellence.

Our app wizards promise formidable software development proficiency that potently shores up your online venture, even during an unprecedented dry spell. Over the years, we have come to fully realize that difficulties inevitably harvest opportunities. Exclusively designed web and mobile apps perfectly drum you up to full capacity, regardless of hard times.

Tons of stunning software services give your business phenomenal momentum. In this overwhelming digital era, our software development company in Dhaka is ready to lend a hand to your businesses. 

ARN TECH promptly traces the positive attributes of your online venture. Therefore, eliminating the unnecessary becomes way easier. Using verified code, a professional app developer team equips and reinvigorates your crippled software system. Thus a results-oriented approach storms into your company and smoothly breaks through the glass ceiling.

We generate measurable growth and fascinating results for the most fastidious companies out there. Integrated software development tactics dial down the risks of failure while you save on both time and money.

Irrespective of an SME or a Fortune-500 company, our development team has got you covered. Trailblazing support extends to both short and long-term IT roadmap specifications, whatever lifts up your business. With ARN TECH, cost-effective software development in Dhaka hits a whole new threshold.


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