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Proper SMS marketing is important to introduce a company to its clients. It’s an intuitive way to let your target customers know about the upcoming campaigns through text messages (SMS). Currently, most companies are leaning towards this type of marketing.

Although many companies in Bangladesh are claiming themselves as SMS marketing service providers, ARN Tech promises to provide better services than them. We ensure boosting your business by offering text messages with high engagement rates.

There were times when people went around knocking from door to door promoting their offers. That time is gone. Advancements in technology have taught people to market in innovative ways. We know how valuable SMS marketing is.

We usually offer SMS marketing service to run 2 types of campaigns, promotional and transactional. We will run the promotional campaigns with “one to many” bulk text messages and transactional campaigns with “one to one” bulk text messages.

Strategic Planning
Market Research
Reporting & Analytics
Social Media Supervision
Search Engine Optimization
Content Marketing
SMS Marketing Service in Bangladesh

Our SMS marketing is 100% result-oriented:

SMS marketing plays a big role in the process of SEO marketing. Although there are marketing strategies like email marketing, newsletter campaigns; none are more effective than SMS marketing. ARN Tech guarantees an — SMS marketing strategy to ensure your campaign reaches your customers in the fastest time. Here are some of the mentions -
We will create a survey on the current market demand for your product or service. Then, we will analyze who the competitors are and what their strategies are. Our SMS marketing strategy will be established upon these analyses.
SMS Marketing Work Process
Client Requirements
Knowing what customers are really looking for, is undeniable for any marketing strategy. Our SMS will promote campaigns not only in an attractive but also in an efficient way. It will bring in — as many customers as you expected.
Prepare SMS Campaign
The structure of the SMS will be designed based on the campaigns. How bulk SMS will go, to whom they will go; will be determined by the type of campaign. Promotional and transactional campaigns will follow their own procedures.
Send SMS
In order to grow your business, it is very important to send SMS with offers, updates, or alerts to the right customers at the right time. The campaigns we create for your business will be — delivered via time-sensitive SMS.
Track Campaign
It is important to know how clients react after being informed about the campaigns. An in-depth analysis will be made based on the positive and negative feedbacks of the clients. Ultimately, this will determine — who is our true customer.
Delivery Status Analysis
The task won’t be finished after sending text messages and tracking them. We will monitor how many SMS have been sent and how many have reached customers successfully. It will help us to solve any technical problem in sending SMS.
Monitoring & Reporting
Once we get feedback on our work, we will examine the results to find ways of improving our strategies for SMS marketing. We will provide a monthly, weekly, or yearly report. We can also report to our clients based on a scheduled time.

Questions You May Asked Regarding SMS Marketing:

The term SMS marketing is quite new in Bangladesh. So, it is only natural that people should be curious about this. These questions often come to the mind of a customer -
Does your SMS marketing apply to all countries?

Yes, our SMS marketing service is — applicable to all countries. If you want to do SMS marketing for other countries while you are in Bangladesh, we can guarantee that service.

Does your SMS marketing service apply to individual operators?

Since we provide SMS marketing services in — different countries, we also ensure that our services are applicable to all mobile operators.

How long after the application do you start SMS marketing?

The moment a client applies for our SMS marketing service, we will start immediately. There is no point in wasting time. The sooner we start the sooner we can finish.

Do you support masking and non-masking SMS service?

Of course, we offer both masking and non-masking SMS marketing services. We hold no barriers when it comes to providing quality SMS marketing.

What is masking SMS?

Masking SMS is the type of SMS where the sender’s number will be replaced by the sender’s name. So, either your name or your company’s name will be displayed in place of your phone digits.


Client Success

We have more than 11 years of experience in the digital marketing sector.

Affiliate Niche

We owned this affiliate niche website which have fully compact.

Content Marketing

We are more quality full from others digital marketing agencies in Bangladesh.

Company Served

We served approx 1k company only digital marketing sector.

SMS Marketing
Packages & Plans

Our SMS marketing service is not only result oriented but also affordable. Here are the prices of our SMS marketing service packages -
Lite Plan
  • Clean and easy to use app
  • Simple cloud interface
  • Sender Id by Brand Name
  • DND Auto Refund
  • Easy Reseller Facility
  • Instant Delivery
  • Free SMS Gateway API
  • Masking N/A
  • Non-Masking @ Tk 0.30 /SMS
  • Clean and easy to use app
  • Simple Cloud SMS Interace
  • Sender Id by Brand Name
  • DND Auto Refund
  • Easy Reseller Facility
  • Instant Delivery
  • Free SMS Gateway API
  • Masking @ Tk 0.47 /SMS
  • Non-Masking @ Tk 0.27 /SMS
  • Clean and easy to use app
  • Simple cloud sms interface
  • Sender Id by Brand name
  • DND Auto Refund
  • Easy Reseller Facility
  • Instant Delivery
  • Free SMS Gateway API
  • Masking @ Tk 0.45 /SMS
  • Non-Masking @ Tk 0.25 /SMS

We Offer

ARN Tech started as a website design and development company. — Over time, it has gained specialties in other sectors as well by gaining excellence. Aside from SMS marketing, we are involved in these activities -
Guaranteed SEO Services and Campaigns That Brings Sales
ARNTECH websites convert those drifting visitors into ardent return customers.
Our web solution takes care of your business 24/7, no matter if you are present or absent there.
We have a prestigious reputation in Bangladesh for developing efficient mobile applications.
Create your business brand image, we have creative production
ARN TECH is a trusted software agency, committed to turning your dream into reality.
ARN Tech is associated with social media marketing for decades.
Our strategy for email marketing is sophisticated.

SMS Marketing

Delivery our quality project and successfull graph of portfolio, You can take idea about our previous work
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