Financial Website Design: 6 Best Examples and Why Other Financial Institutions Follow Them

April 27, 2021by Russell Hawlader1

What would you draw if someone gives you a white sheet of paper?

What comes to your mind?

You will probably start scratching your head. Minutes may fly by before you can finally decide.

But if we give you a picture of a pink elephant having lassi, you will be able to start immediately.

The same is true when you are going to have your — financial website design.

An example of a great financial website will give you an idea of how yours should be.

In this discussion, we will discuss 6 such examples of financial websites in detail.

Stay with us. You will have free coffee after.

Before we begin:

Let us give you the format we have used to discuss the six financial website design examples covered here.

  • Attention grabber
  • Short introduction
  • Category (type of financial website)
  • Organic traffic
  • Loading speed
  • Best features
  • Areas of improvement
  • Website link

And the following are the six of the best financial website design examples.

Clicking on any will take you to the respective body in the article.

1. Stripe

2. Zellepay

3. Byline Bank

4. Bank of Melbourne

5. Lemonade

6. Lumico



Professional and organized yet artistic with lots of white space

When you land on Stripe’s website, you will be greeted with visual delight.

Other notable qualities of this website are its images and comfortable design. A piece of art to say the least.

Base country of operation

Stripe has its headquarters in San Francisco, California, USA. There was actually a bet on its HQ location among our content writers and designers. The writers turned out to be right.

Type of financial website

— Stripe provides a wide range of services. It’s mainly a payment processing platform with its own servers. You can guess its popularity from the fact that about 90% of Americans use it to make payments online.

Organic traffic

Stripe Organic search

Currently, more than 22 lakhs of people land on the Stripe website from search engines.

In May of 2015, the website of Stripe saw a sharp growth in monthly organic visitors which reached 5 lakhs.

After that, monthly organic volume was pretty much constant till the end of 2017.

At that point, it spiked again and crossed the 1 million (10 lakh) mark.

From that point, it steadily grew and crossed the 20 lakh (2 million) mark.

Loading speed

As you can see, Stripe’s website receives an excellent “A” grade in GTmetrix analysis.

The box labelled by “2” shows the status of its key metrics set by Google.

It meets each of the metrics with fatafati scores.

The box labelled “3” shows that Stripe’s website takes 2.1s to fully load which is an impressive score.

It scores 83/100 on Google’s PageSpeed Insights for mobile indexing.

That falls within the “medium” range of 50-89.

Best features:

The best features of the Stripe website are below:

  •  It truly captures minimalism in its web design. There are no vibrant or bold animations except in the intro.
  • It breaks away from the conventional block-based design. Instead, it has used section-based design concept throughout the website. That sets it apart from many of its rivals.
  • Scroll and hover sensitive elements are pretty much all over the website.
  • The website content conveys an artistic vibe while maintaining its technical professionalism. It has lots of white space. Overall, a very clean design.
  • It showcases the milestones Stripe has achieved such as 250M+ API requests every day, the preferred choice of payment of 90% of Americans and more. It helps visitors find the business reliable.
  • It uses a high-contrast colour background to break the flow of the website. That is likely to help keep the visitors engaged.
  • The footer is very uncluttered and organized like the rest of the website.
  • The website is very easy to navigate. Whatever you are looking for, it’s within fast reach.
  • There are use cases for SaaS, Platforms, eCommerce and Marketplaces. If your business falls under one of these categories, then you will know how you can use Stripe for your business.

Areas of improvement:

Even though this site has an excellent performance in terms of loading speed and traffic, it has several areas of improvement.

Those are:

  •  It should have reviews from real people. Those will act as social proof and most importantly make the site appear humane.
  • Links to some of its prominent blog articles can be placed somewhere on the homepage. That will help engage more visitors and bring variety in content.
  • There is no mention of its data security measures anywhere on the website. For a payment processor, this is a crucial piece of info that users will expect.

Website link:

You can visit Stripe website here:



Too beautiful to be owned by Bank of America and JPMorgan Chase

When you browse the Zellepay website, you will find it very peaceful, soothing and artistic.

It speaks directly to the visitors in a simple manner with the help of an attractive layout while maintaining a degree of minimalism.

Because of its fine balance of colourful appeal and simplicity, it was hard for us to believe that large corporations own it.

Country of operation:

Zellepay is based in the USA which shouldn’t surprise you. Of course, a payment processor of JPMorgan won’t be based anywhere else.

Type of financial business

— Zellepay is a money transfer channel with its own network of financial institutions.

Organic traffic

Zellepay Organic search

At present, the Zellepay website receives an organic volume of slightly over 15 lakh (1.5 million) people every month.

That’s about 15 times the total number of private bank employees in Bangladesh (1,75,027).

Loading speed

zelle Page Speed Insight

Zellepay receives an average “C” grade on GTmetrix.

The arrow labelled “2” points to Google’s core web vitals box.

Of the 3 metrics, Zellepay doesn’t meet one of them which is the “Total Blocking Time”.

Zellepay has a TBT of 494ms. According to Google, TBT should be under 150ms.

And the arrow labelled with “3” points to the total loading time of this site.

It takes 5.3s to load fully on desktop devices which is more than double of the Stripe website.

The mobile version of this website scores 19/100 on Google’s PageSpeed Insights.

This score falls in the “poor” range (0-49) of Google.

Best features

The best features of the Zellepay website are:

  • The template gives off a vibe of a small business or a closed-knit community. That makes it seem less of a business and more of a person you will want to talk to.
  • The colour choices (indigo and white) are in fantastic contrast. The bright colour leaves an instant positive impression that makes up for the lack of animation.
  • It has a section that shows steps of how to use this solution. Sections like these engage visitors’ attention and keep them longer on the page.
  • There are 3 promo videos in the “below-the-fold” region. These videos help bring diversity in site copy. It also delights the visitors.
  • All the images convey a consistent vibe. As a result, the browsing experience is seamless which adds to the delight factor.
  • The FAQ section at the bottom will help provide useful information to the visitors. That means they will stay on the page longer. This practice also enables the website to show its sincerity towards prospects.
  • The website responds well to the device screen size. So, visitors will have the same experience on their mobile devices as on their desktops.

Areas of improvement

Zellepay website can have a better impression on the visitors with the following:

  •  With a few more interactive elements, the quality of the browsing experience of the visitors will improve significantly.
  • The “Frequently Asked Questions” should have an “H2” header and the questions under it “H3” headers. This step will help Google crawl the FAQs better and show them on the SERP. As a result, the click-through of the website will Improve.
  • It should try to bring its loading time under 2s. Since over 5 out of every 10 people use mobile devices to get online, a loading time of less than 2s will cut the bounce rate of the site.

Website link

You can check out the Zellepay website here:

Byline Bank:

Byline Bank

A marriage (happy one) of simplicity and user-friendly design.

Byline Bank website design seems to be inspired by that of software product websites. It has a very uncluttered feel which makes the browsing experience very comfortable.

Base country of operation:

Illinois, USA. If this bank serves its customers as indicated by its website design, then they are fortunate.

Type of financial business

This is one of the two banks on our list. Like the others here, their website design will make you feel like they are your best friend.

Organic traffic

Byline bank organic traffic

Byline Bank website receives 65K+ organic visitors every month.

At the end of 2016, it received a sharp rise in monthly organic traffic which crossed the “50K/month” mark.

Over 25K other websites have linked to this website. That should give you a pretty good idea about the authority of this website.

Byline Bank website employs SEO and PPC ads to drive traffic. This combo can bring fantastic results when implemented strategically.

Loading time:

byine bank psi

We ran this website through GTmetrix and Google PageSpeed Insights like the others on our list of financial websites.

The desktop version of the website has received a “B” grade for its loading time which is good. For your information, “B” doesn’t always mean bad.

Of the 3 universal metrics of Google, it successfully meets 2.

The third is the “Cumulative Layout Shift”. It is the one that needs improvement.

This site takes 2.5s (marked by the 3rd box at the bottom right) to fully load. It is close to the 2.1s of Stripe. But it needs improvement as well.

On Google PageSpeed Insights, the mobile version of this website has scored 74/100 which is good but not excellent.

A score between 50-89 is considered “Ok” by Google Lighthouse.

Best features:

After browsing through the Byline Bank website, we have noticed several things we have loved.

Some of those are:

  • The number of interactive elements. Unlike the Zellepay website, this one offers the fun of interactive elements in several real estates. We liked it. So will its visitors.
  • It has lots of images of real humans. A report by VWO has stated that pictures of humans specially the face have a positive impact on the visitors.
  • The site copy is laser-focused to the target customers of the bank. The amount of text is minimal which is immensely relaxing for the visitors.
  • Some of the hover-sensitive elements have asymmetry. Such asymmetry on websites helps corporate institutions appear humane and relatable.
  • Last but not the least, it boasts a clean navigation bar and footer just like the rest of the websites. Both of these are easy on the eye.
  • As a good bank website should, it lets visitors find locations of its ATMs.
  • The top and bottom CTA is exact yet doesn’t convey a sense of commitment. Visitors will most likely want to click on it more because of this trait. Kudos to the person who came up with this button copy.

Areas of improvement:

We have said quite a few good things about this website.

Let’s point out the things we didn’t like.

Those are:

  •  It has used stock images on its website. Custom images will do a far better job of engaging and delighting people.
  • The images in the above-the-fold should be more emotion-triggering. A powerfully positive impression in this part can make the entire browsing experience more positive.
  • The drop-down menus of the nav bar buttons should be faster.
  • The “write your story” line in the site copy doesn’t really give a clear idea of the benefit of opening an account with this bank. It should be modified.
  • It has a much higher cumulative layout shift. Meaning many of its site elements shifts without user interaction. This is one of the most important areas to resolve.
  • We didn’t see any social media icons anywhere on the website. Without social icons, a website will seem distant from its community.

website here:

Bank of Melbourne:

Bank of Melbourne

If an artist creates a masterpiece with just 2 colours, then the result will be this website.

If ease of navigation, simplicity and good design sense had a face, it will look like the website of the Bank of Melbourne.

Base country of operation:

As you can understand from the domain, this website is based in Melbourne, Australia. Bangladesh Bank should be inspired by this to improve their website.

Type of financial business:

— Bank of Melbourne is obviously a bank. The friendly and easy manner of its website design and the planning that went behind it readily sets it apart from those of banks in Bangladesh.

Organic traffic:

Bank of Merlbourne Organic search

According to the latest data, this website receives a little over 2.5 lakhs of monthly organic visitors. That’s close to the total number of Standard Chartered Bank’s retail clients (2.8 lakhs) in Bangladesh. The organic traffic of this website has had explosive growths in January and November of 2016. Since then, it has stayed unchanged.

Loading speed:

bank of Melbourne psi

Website of Bank of Melbourne has received a “C” grade (pointed to by the arrow labelled “1”) which surprised us. Like it’s a fantastic website which made us believe it will score at least B.

The good thing is, it meets all 3 core web vitals metrics of Google (arrow labelled “2” points to it).

The arrow labelled by a “3” shows the total loading time of this website which is a staggering 6.6s. This is probably the biggest area of improvement for this website.

The mobile version of this website scores a 37/100 on Google’s PageSpeed Insights. It falls within the “poor” range (0-49) set by Google.

Best features:

As we have mentioned before, this website has several amazing aspects to it. Those are:

  • It links to the Personal, business and corporate version of this website at the topmost real estate. Not only are these super easy to notice but helps drive the browsing experience.
  • They have done a good job at placing the “Register” button at the top-right corner. The font makes it subtle but the position makes it easily noticeable.
  • The site copy highlights the most attractive benefits of having an account at this bank. Such copy can capture attention fast which is important for websites.
  • The search button and the “Log on” button are in the navigation bar which makes them easy to notice and reach.
  • The navigation bar is sticky. Meaning no matter where you are on the website, you will notice it at the top.
  • There is a ghost button labelled “Find out more” next to the “Get started” CTA at the bottom. This placement will help convert a greater percentage of the visitors.
  • The footer is super uncluttered and relaxing, unlike many other websites we have viewed when producing this article.
  • It has fewer paragraph body texts and a lot more bullet points. As a result, the text is super reader-friendly.

Areas of improvement:

Let’s now mention the things that the bank of Melbourne website needs to improve.

Those are:

  • The helpful questions right below the “above the fold” region should be placed under “frequently Asked Questions”.
  • It should have a blog to provide greater value to its prospects. Over 7 out of every 10 internet users read blogs. So a blog will be surely helpful both for the people and the bank. A blog will also help boost its search engine ranks.
  • If it can bring its loading time under 3s, its bounce rate will fall and provide a better experience specially to those who visit it from mobile devices.

Website link:

You can visit the Bank of Melbourne website here:

Insurance companies Lemonade:

Insurance companies Lemonade

Browsing through this website felt like having a fresh lemonade with pizza on the side.

Base country of operation:

Lemonade is based in New York city but offers services in Germany, Netherlands and France. The vibe its website gives off actually goes with the diversity of NY in our opinion.

Type of financial website

— Lemonade is an insurance website. However, when browsing through it, you will feel like you are reading a comics.

Organic traffic

Lemonade Organic search

Lemonade’s website is currently getting about 193K organic visitors (1 lakh and 93 thousand) every month. In the middle of 2017, its traffic surged and crossed the 1 lakh mark. After that, it has been growing at a slow pace and has reached the 2 lakh visitors’ mark. Analyzing this website has given us a clear picture of its on-page SEO and link profile. It has over 45 thousand backlinks from other sites. No wonder it’s a high-authority website.

Loading speed:

lemonade psi


The desktop version of Lemonade’s website has received a “D” from GTmetrix. It has excellent scores in the LCP and the CLS metrics. On the other hand, its TBT score (the middle red one) is disastrous. It’s about 5 times more than the limit (150ms) set by Google. The 3rd arrow shows the full-load time of this website to be 8.4s. Because of such long loading time, it’s bounce rate is most likely high. The mobile version of this website is 31/100. This score falls in the “poor” category of Google.

Best features:

The things we find awesome about this website are:

  • The site copy is super casual and triggers curiosity. The top H1 header says, “Forget everything you know about insurance”. It does revere the traditional site copy-writing that insurance companies go for.
  • It shows its Android and app store rating right after the first scroll. This rating will help the visitors trust them with ease which is crucial for a financial website.
  • Unlike many other websites, the reviews are on auto-slide and stop on hover. It gives visitors an idea about the sheer volume of its user base.
  • It’s above the fold section is the most clutter-free among all the website we have reviewed for this article. Not only does it help the visitors relax but engages their total attention.
  • The navigation bar and footer convey an “everything is so easy to find” feel like the rest of the website.
  • The pricing plans are on the homepage as well instead of putting them in a separate pricing page.
  • We have to mention the sticky navigation bar. The buttons in it remain visible through your browsing journey which makes it convenient.
  • The amount of white space only adds to the peaceful and relaxing vibe of the website.
  • The CTA in the top bar is so bright that even a visually impaired person will probably notice it.
  • Tons of logos of its client businesses at the bottom act as social proof which boosts the trustworthiness of this website.

Areas of improvement:

When we were browsing through this website on our desktops, we found very few issues. But further, inspection later changed our mind.

The issues Lemonade should address of its website are:

  •  It should put more JavaScript-based interactive elements on its website.
  • The mobile loading speed needs massive improvement.
  • The desktop version needs a similar effort to lower its loading time. The faster a site loads, the lower the bounce rate.
  • It should have an FAQ section on the website homepage. It will provide more value to its site visitors.

Website link:

You can visit Lemonade Insurance here:



This financial website wanted to embrace the rainbow. And they did.

The design of Lumico’s website will make you feel like life is as peaceful as enjoying a calm afternoon at the Hatirjheel without the crowd and traffic. It has relied on visuals and large font size. As a result, its visitors don’t have to read a ton of text to get an idea about its operation.

Base country of operation

Lumico is based in Florida in the USA. We think the colourful design of its website was inspired by the generally sunny weather there.

Type of financial business

— Lumico is an insurance provider. Its website focuses mostly on the benefits of insurance and its products. Thus, it has managed to bypass the complex concepts of insurance on its home page.

Organic traffic

Lumico Organic search

Lumico website is currently getting 873 visitors every month from google (and other search engines).

Its organic traffic has experienced some momentary spikes. But overall, the growth rate is very moderate.

Loading speed

Lumico psi

Lumico’s website has secured a “C” which is better than the grade Lemonde scored on GTmetrix.

It has scored good numbers on the core web vitals metrics indicated by the 2nd arrow.

Even though its LCP (time taken for the largest section in the banner to appear) is above the recommendation set by Google, it’s still acceptable.

The total loading time is 2.8s which is drastically lower than that of Lemonade.

The mobile version of this website has scored a good 63/100. Though it falls in the “medium” category of Google (50-89), it’s outstanding compared to that of Lemonade.

Best features

The following are the things that we think are great about Lumico’s website:

  • An overall pleasant browsing experience. When you land on an insurance website, you expect face-full of data about premiums and plans. Lumico spares you that headache.
  • The sticky navigation bar at the top must be mentioned. Sticky bars give visitors a certain degree of control and comfort by keeping links to useful pages within easy reach.
  • The CTAs are much larger than you will see on any of the financial websites we have covered here. People will thus find it easy to reach and click on them which is likely to boost lead generation for Lumico.
  • Its bold embrace of colours should also be appreciated.
  • It shows the ratings from insurance rating institutions. These will let the visitors trust them better which always helps with insurance sales. Areas of improvement Lumico’s website, despite being beautiful, has several areas it must address. Those are:
  • The font size sometimes feels overwhelming. Because of the size, it’s difficult to read entire blocks of texts at one glance. It will hurt the positive impression that people get after landing on this site.
  • The products section must have interactive elements. It feels way too static. After seeing a video in the above the fold section, people will a minimal degree of hover sensitivity.
  • The “46% of Americans don’t have life insurance” section doesn’t align with the rest of the site elements. In fact, it doesn’t seem to serve any purpose at all. It’s best to be removed.
  • The top CTA should be “Contact Us” instead of “Your account login”. This CTA is large and super-visible. Thus, it should help convert a visitor into a client.

Website link:

You can visit Lumico’s website here:

Monthly organic traffic

Here are our six financial websites in descending order of monthly organic traffic:


Serial Financial website Monthly organic traffic
1.     Stripe 22.38 lakhs
2.     Zellepay 15 lakhs
3.     Bank of Melbourne 2.25 lakhs
4.     Lemonade 1.93 lakhs
5.     Byline Bank 1 lakh
6.     Lumico 873


As you can see, Stripe is the winner when it comes to traffic.

Loading time

The financial websites, ranked by desktop fully loading time, are below:

Serial Financial website Loading time
1.     Stripe 2.1s
2.     Byline Bank 2.6s
3.     Lumico 2.8s
4.     Zellepay 5.3s
5.     Bank of Melbourne 6.6s
6.     Lemonade 8.4s


According to the list above, Stripe is the fastest financial website and Lemonade is the slowest.

Mobile index

Google’s mobile indexing score tells us how good the design of a financial website (or any website) is.

Here are our websites in descending order of PageSpeed Insights score:

Serial Financial website Mobile version score
1.     Stripe 83
2.     Byline Bank 73
3.     Lumico 63
4.     Bank of Melbourne 37
5.     Lemonade 31
6.     Zellepay 19

Like the 2 ranks above, Stripe aces here as well. With an 83, it’s ahead of the rest.

Design & User-friendliness

When it comes to website design, here is how our financial website rank:

Serial Financial website Design and user-friendliness 
1.     Zellepay Best design
2.     Stripe  
3.     Bank of Melbourne  
4.     Lemonade  
5.     Byline Bank  
6.     Lumico Needs massive improvement

 Zellepay has managed to secure the position for the financial website with the best design and user-friendliness.

Stripe follows right behind with the Bank of Melbourne accompanying it.

Lumico, despite its attempts, has got pushed down to the bottom of the list. We sincerely hope that they improve.

Our rank:

After talking about the designs of six financial websites, it’s time to rank them.

Our ranks will be based on:

  •  Monthly Organic traffic
  • Loading time
  • Mobile index
  • Visuals Monthly organic traffic Here are our six financial websites in descending order of monthly organic traffic:

Financial website design rankings

Wrapping Up…

Having a financial website designed is a massive project.

It will require meticulous planning, fantastic design and research.

However, the first thing you will need is a sample website.

In this article, we have offered you six. It’s best to note that none of them is the best in all respects.

Thus, other financial institutions tend to pick and choose the best items from several samples So, which of these six financial websites would you choose for your own?

— Let us know.

We will discuss it over coffee at Gloria Jeans at Gulshan 1. It will be our treat of course.

by Russell Hawlader

I have been in the domain hosting and server industry for over 12 years and have achieved several enterprise-level certifications. When it comes to server security and hosting setup for businesses, I am a well-recognized consultant of international standard.

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