Best Resort and Hotel Web Design in Bangladesh

November 14, 2023by Russell Hawlader

Best resort and hotel web design can be extremely robust and an incredibly effective tool to place your brand. And an online site for a resort or motel is no more varied than an eCommerce site. Also, the main condition for both sites is the same: to promote and expand the product’s sales. So, the question is, what do possible customers look for when designing a hotel website?

First of all, think of yourself as a client and then watch what you see on a website? And what you see are some room photos, its location, the surrounding areas, room availability and rates, and many more.

Best resort and hotel web design

So, these are the basic needs of a luxury hotel web design. But to build a hotel web design service, you must need some special elements. For example, an attractive design, a contact form for confirming the booking, a user-friendly interface, amazing typography, a page builder, and the count goes on.

However, our topic is knowing the best hotel and resort web design in Bangladesh. But before stepping onto that path, let’s have a quick summary of travelers (both local & foreign) who travel to Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Bangladesh generally draws a massive number of visitors or tourists worldwide for its nice and historical places. And the most amazing traditional and populated city worldwide is called Dhaka. Therefore, to host such tourists, Dhaka has a vast collection of hotels. But Dhaka is not only a place that visitors visit. But there are several distinct places located in Bangladesh visited by travelers.

So, suppose you want to demonstrate the most amazing places in Bangladesh virtually. In that case, you must need a hotel web design or resort web design services website.


Now, are you thinking of how much it’ll cost and take time to design an online site in Bangladesh? Okay, it’s an obvious question to ask, but you don’t have to worry. Because we have an entire blog post to give you info related to this topic.

NOTE: Every specific category has its special price and quality.

Thus, read carefully to learn how much time and money will cost for a hotel or any website design in Bangladesh.

So, without further ado, let’s take a deep drive to find the best jewel of hotel web design services or resort web design websites.

DuSai Resort & Spa:


Insight About DuSai Resort & Spa Site:

Estimated number of guest visits per month: 3,9K clicks

Speed of Site Loading (Via Page Speed Insights):

Desktop – 63

Mobile – 46

Mobile Responsive: Good


Engaging and Interactive Slider Homepage 

Project Displays with an Interactive Gallery and Virtual Tours Section

CMS: WordPress

The very first name on the listing is DuSai – 05 Star Eco Resort & Spa. And this is the world’s first (01) five-star traditional boutique villa resort in BD. It is located in a small tropical forest on a hill with thousands of trees and a 1000 feet long snake lake surrounding it.

Moreover, it also comes with a Live Chat option so that any client can chat with them instantly. Also, it comes with a booking option to book a room from anywhere. And most importantly, its design stands on a pixel-perfect responsive layout, so it’ll display nicely on every device.

In short, DuSai has the most beautiful resort web design website you haven’t ever seen.

The Palace:


Insight About The Palace Site:

Estimated number of guest visits per month: 6,6K clicks

Speed of Site Loading (Via Page Speed Insights):

Desktop – 62

Mobile – 13

Mobile Responsive: Good


A Regal Experience in Web Design Websites for Hotel Services 

Lavishness at the Heart of Astonishing Pristine Nature

CMS: WordPress

Suppose you want to experience a different kind of royal web design from a big luxury resort. In that case, The Palace will be your best friend. It is a fantastic web design website for resort services (05-star) in Bahubal, Habiganj, Bangladesh.

The Palace is an excellent website that proposes an unmatched deluxe experience located in Bd. Great for holidays, honeymoon couples, summer or winter vacations, and other commercial services. Everything is well organized, from room booking to room adaptation to room rates. Filter option, Color section, Photo Gallery, 3d Image Visual are the name of few of its best features.

Bhawal Resort & Spa:


Insight About The Bhawal Resort & Spa Site:

Estimated number of guest visits per month: 7,3K Clicks

Speed of Site Loading (Via Page Speed Insights):

Desktop – 69

Mobile – 30

Mobile Responsive: Good


An Elegant Resort Covered by Rain Forest

World Class 5 star Standard Boutique Villa Resort & Spa in Bangladesh

CMS: WordPress

Are you looking for a perfect hotel web design to discover nature’s natural beauty and delight? Do you want to build or need an idea to accept a hotel service that will carry business and natural beauty? If yes, then you’re in the right place.

Bhawal Resort & Spa is a standard boutique Villa Resort & Spa in Bangladesh nestled within a small tropical forest on hillocks with thousands of trees. It build-in between the Bhawal forest; hence you’ll feel how the forest remains silent.

Apart from that, it wraps so many elements to looks the site great at first sight. Everything sorts out systematically, from image combination to check-in or out of the hotel, from diverse page layouts to responsive design.

Mermaid Beach Resort:


Insight About The Mermaid Beach Resort Site:

Estimated number of guest visits per month: 3.9K Clicks

Speed of Site Loading (Via Page Speed Insights):

Desktop – 57

Mobile – 38

Mobile Responsive: Good


The Mermaid Beach Resort is a good platform for a seminar, discussion, or retreat.

Mermaid Beach Resort is a loving balance of rurality, comfort, and modernity.

CMS: WordPress

Now I’m giving you a description of an online site that comes with an engaging design and wraps so much functionality that will be helpful for the visitors. It’s a flexible, modern facility and an ideal Mermaid Beach Resort venue with a moving (images) gallery, contact form, rating system, and a booking system.

Besides, the Mermaid Beach resort is a service provider website found near cox’s bazaar beach – the world’s largest sea beach. Its page layouts, color combinations, explanation through images, related pages, and inner pages are all beautifully placed; I bet you’ll be impressed.

Radisson Blu Dhaka Water Garden:


Insight About The Radisson Blu Site:

Estimated number of guest visits per month: 728.7K Clicks

Speed of Site Loading (Via Page Speed Insights):

Desktop – 49

Mobile – 12

Mobile Responsive: Good


Relish a restful visit at the Radisson Blu in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Proposing an outdoor pool, spa, and fitness center.

CMS: WordPress

Radisson Blu stands on seven acres of gorgeous gardens in the center of Dhaka’s Primary Commercial Hub. It’s a hotel that provides many amenities and is certified with an SGS certificate. It’s a beautiful web design for hotel services with a sticky menu, multiple search bars, details, online payment, room rates, and availability.

Also, it’s a perfect hotel service web design online site that offers you to book rooms online. You can easily check in and check out, pick how many rooms you need, and get special rates through a unique structure.

Importance Features of Best Resort and Hotel Web Design:

Above are the top five hotels and resort web design websites that do business with their sites. So, if you also want to do business with your online site, you must have to use some special features. For example, you will use Cinematic moving images, Suggests a holistic brand identity, Eco-friendly wordplay, Panoramic imagery, etc.

You can also use Playful alignment, Colour scheme, Atmospheric video, Animated page transitions, and many more.


If you’re trying to update your existing resort website or building a completely new design, now is the ideal time to condense and emphasize your website.

So, build your hotel web design or resort web design services website and allow the digital colony to speak for you.

by Russell Hawlader

I have been in the domain hosting and server industry for over 12 years and have achieved several enterprise-level certifications. When it comes to server security and hosting setup for businesses, I am a well-recognized consultant of international standard.

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