Best 13 school website design in bangladesh

November 13, 2023by Russell Hawlader

In Bangladesh, school website design is the most important issue in these modern tech academies. Cause it gives a good impression to both parents and students at first sight. Most parents show a very keen eye on the school’s website before sending their kids to a school. So the primary goal of the school website design site will be to convey the best services and benefits of the institution to these visitors.

And, if you strongly want to fetch the most of the academy’s most promising advantages and expertise beautifully, of course, you can do so with a well-designed education website design.

And indeed, it’s a powerful promotional tool that can make a cheerful portrait through school website design in Bangladesh.

Mainly a completely responsive and mobile-friendly school online site provides 24/7 access for visitors. Also, it can extend class discussions, schedules, and the registration function, relying on the website’s features.

School Website Design

In addition, the inspiration for creating such a lavish school website design must be exceptional. And you have to bear in mind that education website design must be informative and helpful for everyday students.

Below are some enlightening elements that you must need for your school website design in Bangladesh:

  1. Easy navbar with a responsive design and pure site structure
  2. Including images and videos
  3. Enlightening facilities and extra-curricular activities
  4. An About us page with the academy’s history and campus
  5. A well-designed calendar, news segment, and a notice board to provide all vital updates and info
  6. Self-controllable backend for easy adaption

Hence, these are the top qualities you must need to execute when designing a Bangladesh school website. So, without further ado, let’s know the list of some best school website designs in Bangladesh.

Mastermind School and College:


Mastermind School is a British curriculum-based first English version school in Bangladesh. And its students start from Play Group to 12 Grade, and it contains 3200 students and 300 teachers. On a quick note, Mastermind won “The Most Versatile School” awards in 2011 and 2015.

Mastermind starts an online platform to provide tutoring classes through an efficient website. Also, it includes an About Us, Admission, Academic, Notice, Community, and many more. 

For more info

Visit: Mastermind School and College

Mail: [email protected]

Contact 02 55026529, 02 8933712

Place: House 05, Road: New: 12, Old: 31, Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka

Govt. Laboratory High School:

best school web design company

The next name is Govt. Laboratory High School is a top school with fantastic education facilities and promising results. This school has a website that comes with a responsive design to meet the need of every latest screen.

Also, it contains a few Related Pages, API & Hardware connectivity, Parents or Student Portal, Mobile Apps, and many more. In short, it includes all kinds of elements to take care of academic and administrative activities in an organization.

For more info

Visit: Govt. Laboratory High School

Mail: [email protected]

Contact 02 41060052

Place: Mirpur Road, Dhaka

Ideal School & College:

school web design

Ideal School & College is formerly known as Motijhel Ideal or Ideal High School. In Bangladesh, most students get a GPA of 5 from this school. It has a school website design with an important notice board and exam results corner.

This awesome website has School contact details, Ofsted reports, a Photo & Video gallery, a school calendar, etc. Also, it includes an about page, contact info, location map, online payment system, etc.

For more info

Visit: Ideal School & College

Mail: [email protected]

Contact 02 41060052

Place: Mazar Road, Motijhel, Dhaka

Chattogram Collegiate School & College:

school website design

Would you like to know about the current best government school website design in the southern part of Chittagong, Bangladesh? In this case, I request you to visit the website of CCSC or Chittagong Collegiate School & College. Because the students of this school continue to get good results every year till 2022.

This website is also similar to the other govt school, including the registration form, login page, classroom, staff, and other related pages. Also, there is a separate section for student results or additional important information.

For more info

Visit: Chattogram Collegiate School & College

Mail: [email protected]

Contact 031-628070

Place: Ice Factory Road, Doublemooring, Chittagong

Rajuk Uttara Model College:


Rajuk Uttara Model College has both Bangla and English medium versions, and it’s also known as RUMC. This school website design includes Rotating images, a school calendar, events pages, news, etc.

Apart from that, it includes many popular pages. For example, it has Contact information, Student Information, Officer and Staff Information, Debate Clubs, etc.

Besides, it contains specific pages for providing results, admit cards or even admin’s info.

For more info

Visit: Rajuk Uttara Model College

Mail: [email protected]

Contact 02 58952780

Place: Sector 6, Uttara Model Town, Dhaka

Dhaka Residential Model College:


The next name for a school website design in Bangladesh is Dhaka Residential Model College, and its short form is DRMC. It’s the country’s most popular and largest public and residential academy in Bangladesh, with more than 6000 students studying.

DRMC beautifully built its website with a photo and video gallery, a location map, and a segment called important links. Also, it contains some vital pages such as About Us, Job & Vacancies, Achievements, Various Test Results, Admission Circular, and many more.

For more info

Visit: Dhaka Residential Model College

Mail: [email protected]

Contact 02 8118834

Place: 1/A, New Baily Road, Dhaka

Rifles Public School And College:


Rifles School is also known as Bir Shreshtha Noor Mohammad public school or RPSC. This institution allows two shifts, Morning and Day, and permits an English version.

This school website has a responsive design that astonishingly fits every modern device. And this website surrounded by several pages such as multimedia classrooms, libraries, academic calendars, examination systems, and so on.

For more info

Visit: Rifles Public School And College

Mail: [email protected]

Contact 02 58613870

Place: Pheelkhana, Newmarket PO, LalBag PS, Dhaka

ST. Joseph Higher Secondary School:


ST. Joseph or SJHSC is a boy’s catholic school with more than 2500 students and only one shift. Its consistency in education has become the top school in Bangladesh. This website has many different sections with many distinct pages.

Besides, it’s fast-loading, highly optimized, and gives a user-friendly interface. A necessary Google Map, Administration, and updated news or event are one of the convenient features.

For more info

Visit: ST. Joseph Higher Secondary School

Mail: [email protected]

Contact 02 9112917

Place: 97 Asad Avenue, Mohammedpur, Dhaka

ST. Gregory’s High School & College:


Father Gregory De Groote was the founder of this school, hence its name, Saint Gregory’s High School (SGHSC). In 1912, it was a combined school, but later on, the girl’s section was separated.

SGHSC has a responsive design website with fast loading and a user-friendly admin panel. And it’s ready to use, simple to customize. On a quick note, it includes two important issues. For example, First, it has, Online Class system, and Second, you can provide the fees online.

For more info

Visit: ST. Gregory’s High School & College

Mail: [email protected]

Contact 02 47113687

Place: 82 Municipal Office Street, Luxmibazaar, Dhaka

Holy Cross Girls’ High School:


Holy Cross is a girls’ school driven by Roman Catholic Church but opens to all religious students. It’s a school with more than 1800 students, and on a quick note, it takes the award of best national school by the ministry of education.

However, it has a wonderful website that is very lightweight and loads faster. It has a responsive design that fits any modern screen. It also has every needed page that provides info for parents’ and students’ benefits.

For more info

Visit: Holy Cross Girls’ High School

Mail: [email protected]

Contact 02 9119393

Place: Framgate, Tejgoan, Dhaka

Viqarunnisa Noon School & College:


Viqarunnisa is a girls’ school with 04 campuses and approx 25,000/- students at Baily Road Dhaka. Viqarunnisa has a wonderful website with an online admission and result system.

It also has a photo gallery, a parents login panel, a notice board segment, and the latest news and info department. And it also includes some payment methods, a calendar, a few inner pages, and a responsive design to display on every modern device.

For more info

Visit: Viqarunnisa Noon School & College

Mail: [email protected]

Contact 02 58310500

Place: 1/A, New Baily Road, Dhaka

Mirpur Bangla High School & College:


Mirpur Bangla High School and College or MBHSC is also familiar as Bangla School. It has two branches that are separate for both boys and girls found at Mirpur-11 (Boys) & Mirpur-6 (Girls).

MBHSC has an attractive website with a video gallery, a photo gallery, and some important inner pages. For example, Admission Info, Admission Form, Job or Vacancies, Prospectus are its top vital pages. Also, it has a login panel for Admin, Teacher, and students.

For more info

Visit: Mirpur Bangla High School & College

Mail: [email protected]

Contact 02 9000264

Place: Pallabi, Mirpur, Dhaka

Oxford International School:


Oxford International School is an English Medium School based on the UK curriculum, and the exam stands on Cambridge International School. Committed to excelling globally with the vital knowledge, skills, abilities, and mindsets of children.

Oxford has a great website that appears with the admission form, the result, upcoming events, notices, and many more. This website also includes a handbook for parents and students on a serious note.

For more info

Visit: Oxford International School

mail: [email protected]

contact 02 48119660, 02 48119661

place: House 34, Road Old: 27, New: 16, Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka

Sylhet Government Pilot High School:


Sylhet Government Pilot High School is the oldest school in the Indian subcontinent and the fourth oldest in Bangladesh. And it’s a boys’ school with more than 2500 students and only one shift.

SGPHS has an amazing website that loads faster, lightweight, and has extensive functionality. Almost every section has a solo page. Parents and students have a separate login page, including the result and admission page.

For more info

Visit: Sylhet Government Pilot High School

Mail: [email protected]

Contact 0821-716382

Place: Dak Banglo Road, Kalighat, Sylhet


The above-described sites are examples of great school website design in Bangladesh.

Moreover, the above websites will give you a fundamental theory of its appearance. But suppose you think about what is the design of eCommerce websites. In that case, you learn from our other post called Amazing eCommerce websites design.

So who do you think you are? A designer who wants to create a beautiful school website design for sale? Or a school owner or an academic headmaster who wants a great website to display school info?

No problem, whatever your situations are, you can always find a school design website at your doorstep.

by Russell Hawlader

I have been in the domain hosting and server industry for over 12 years and have achieved several enterprise-level certifications. When it comes to server security and hosting setup for businesses, I am a well-recognized consultant of international standard.

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