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August 16, 2021by Russell Hawlader

People have the tendency to buy a car depending on its look. Similarly, a beautiful car dealer website can help you to find more customers and boost your sales.

There are plenty of car dealer websites. However, people in Bangladesh are still used to buying cars online. They tend to go to the car dealer shop physically. The scenario is changing with the advancement of technology. 

People may not buy or order cars online, but they are visiting websites to know more about the cars they will buy. — In accordance with this view, we are going to present some of the best car dealer website designs in Bangladesh. 

7 splendid car dealer website designs in Bangladesh for effective dealership

Car dealer website design should be modern and intuitive. People should be stunned by the design and functionality. If you are planning to do a car dealership business, then these 7 website designs can help you make a better website.

1 Continental Motors 

Continental Motors

Insights about this site –
Estimated number of visitors per month: 114

Loading speed  (According to PageSpeed Insights):

Desktop – 52

Mobile – 12

Mobile Responsive: Poor


  • Print option for a specific car
  • Book for a test drive feature
  • Real-time inquiry 
  • Suggest a friend through email 



Continental Motors comes at the top of our list. This website reflects the luxury of cars. It also indicates their professionalism and seriousness of doing business. The landing page is informative enough to let you know the details that you were looking for, you may not need to visit other tabs.

The additional pages of Continental Motors are carefully crafted. It’s not just the homepage but also the additional pages that will flourish your hunger for beauty. They have dedicated sections for Featured Stock, Testimonial, Contact Us, workshop details on the homepage. 

Continental Motors only imports premium luxury cars like — BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar, Volvo, Bentley, etc. They have a reputation for working closely with the biggest automobile manufacturers in the world. They also have the required technical skill and knowledge to service these cars.    

Visit Continental Motors Now

2 Mitsubishi Bangladesh

Continental Motors

Insights about this site –
Estimated number of visitors per month: 1467

Loading speed  (According to PageSpeed Insights):

Desktop – 65

Mobile – 24

Mobile Responsive: Good


  • A dedicated section for service centers
  • The latest cars appear on the main menu
  • Parallax scrolling

CMS: WordPress

For business, Mitsubishi has individual websites for individual countries. That leads Mitsubishi to create a website for Bangladesh. Like modern websites, Mitsubishi Bangladesh follows the design patterns and mechanisms that are in vogue.

The website is innovative, a user won’t get distracted from his focus because of the minimalistic design. Thus, making the entire functionality easy to digest for any user. — We like the effect when you hover the cursor over a particular car model. 

Surprisingly, slideshows and the intro video don’t reduce the loading speed. The hamburger menu in mobile responsive view is just amazing, displaying the latest car models. They worked hard on the responsiveness of the website. This can be a strong complement to this website.    

Visit Mitsubishi Bangladesh Now

3 Mazda Bangladesh


Insights about this site –
Estimated number of visitors per month: 225 

Loading speed  (According to PageSpeed Insights):

Desktop – 81

Mobile – 40

Mobile Responsive: Good


  • Detailed main menu with individual tab for each section
  • Interactive image gallery with specifications
  • Live chat option 

CMS: WordPress + Laravel

Mazda Bangladesh is another great-looking website. It follows the trending design patterns. Just like their cars, they maintained the distinctiveness in the website design. You will find out why their cars stand out from other brands by visiting the homepage. 

They have presented the futuristic designs and latest functionalities of their cars with high-resolution images and details. This is what we found unique about this website. Despite having high-quality images and an intro video, the website doesn’t delay in loading.   

— As an internationally recognized car brand, Mazda has dealerships in many countries. So, they have decided to make their own car dealing website in Bangladesh as they have for other countries. 

Another standout feature of this website is the live chat option. They have carefully crafted each section so that visitors can get a satisfying responsive view while they are using mobile devices. The additional pages are highly detailed and look as good as the homepage.   

Visit Mazda Bangladesh Now

4 CarDealer


Insights about this site –
Estimated number of visitors per month: 27

Loading speed  (According to PageSpeed Insights):

Desktop – 91 

Mobile – 40

Mobile Responsive: Average 


  • Auction sheet, pre-ordering process, review, appears at the top
  • Exclusive compare feature
  • Call for Price option
  • A dedicated video review section 


CarDealer is the next website on our list. Unlike the above websites that we have discussed earlier, it may not be that interactive. But it contains the details and design patterns that are required for a perfect car dealer website. 

CarDealer has a dedicated tab for reviewing cars. Not many websites in Bangladesh have something like this. This is very helpful for the users as they can get better ideas of a vehicle than looking at the details. And a cool thing is — they have a custom floating widget based on Contact, Book a Service, Test Drive, and Direction.  

CarDealer mainly imports Japanese and European vehicles. You can see a section with individual buttons for pre-order. And they have an interactive search option with multiple filtering. You can import cars directly from Japanese or European dealers from this website. This is a great feature for buying cars at affordable prices.       

Visit CarDealer Now

5 Sal-Sabeel Cars

Sal Sabeel Cars

Insights about this site –
Estimated number of visitors per month: 231 

Loading speed  (According to PageSpeed Insights):

Desktop – 62

Mobile – 46

Mobile Responsive: Average


  • A specific section for exclusive and regular stock cars
  • Car specifications with image gallery

CMS: WordPress 

Sal-Sabeel Cars have been doing business in Bangladesh for a long time. Although it may seem ordinary at the first glance, each section is organized. You will find what you are looking for at the first glance. It is the mark of a user-friendly interface. 

On the homepage, they have two sections, one marks the Exclusive cars and the other is for Weekly Buzz (the usual cars that arrive each week). You can see the details by clicking the “View Stock” button. 

—  Once you click the button, you will find the stock cars with their specifications and multiple photos. You will also find a video section by scrolling where they upload their YouTube videos reviewing various car models. 

Sal-Sabeel Cars are in a partnership with Yue Jin and Saic Motor. These are one of the earliest light truck brands in China. Therefore, Sal-Sabeel Cars is renowned for selling light trucks aside from private automobiles. 

Visit Sal-Sabeel Cars Now

6 BhaloGari


Insights about this site –
Estimated number of visitors per month: 111 

Loading speed  (According to PageSpeed Insights):

Desktop – 58 

Mobile – 35

Mobile Responsive: Average



  • Exclusive compare feature between 2 cars
  • A specific section for buying and selling cars
  • Recent cars list with grid view 

CMS: WordPress + Django

BhaloGari is a car dealer website design having an interactive layout. It is nothing on top of the line but the overall design will blow your mind. We can’t help ourselves to admire the selection of color and typography. 

You can either sell and buy a car from BhaloGari. The homepage is filled with all the necessary sections required for the ultimate car purchasing experience. You will find an exclusive search option with multiple filters like car type, condition, price range, and more. 

— They have dedicated a section showing their services, a section presenting the recent cars, a section showing how the buying process works, a testimonial section describing the user experience. When you select a particular car, you will find its specifications, available colors, and multiple pictures from different angles. 

And a unique feature is the comparison functionality. When you are on a particular car page, you will find a ‘Compare’ button at the bottom. Clicking the button allows you to compare with another car model. This is something very useful.

Visit BhaloGari Now

7 Carmax


Insights about this site –
Estimated number of visitors per month: 6.3 million

Loading speed  (According to PageSpeed Insights): N/A

Mobile Responsive: Good


  • Detailed purchase process helping the buyer in each step
  • Testimonial with verified Instagram feed
  • An exclusive search option with multiple filters 


We will now elevate to the next level by introducing something that is internationally recognized. That is why we have listed Carmax in our list. This can be a very good reference for those who want to build a website by getting ideas from a reputed foreign car dealer website.

Carmax is specifically crafted so that online car dealerships become easier. Users will love to haul around this website. With descriptive information of the buying process, they have included everything for hassle-free car dealing. 

You can buy cars, book for a test drive, return cars within — 30 days, and more from this single website. And we have to mention the interactive search option that has almost every possible filter for the perfect search.

Carmax not only allows the user to buy cars but also allows them to sell their cars. We are in love with the usability of this website as everything is organized in the perfect way. And this offers an excellent responsive view. So, look for your desired vehicle whether you are at home or you are on the go. 

Visit Carmax Now


You may need a car for personal or business usage. Whatever the case, the best car dealer website can get you the exact car you are looking for. A good car dealership website should have a user-friendly layout indicating all the details of the purchase process. It should also exhibit the car with high-quality pictures revealing its actual condition. 

— Follow the websites that we have mentioned in this article to make a car dealer website that will turn your business to the next level. Be honest with everything otherwise, you will lose customers even having a remarkable website design.

by Russell Hawlader

I have been in the domain hosting and server industry for over 12 years and have achieved several enterprise-level certifications. When it comes to server security and hosting setup for businesses, I am a well-recognized consultant of international standard.

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