Best Food Websites Design to Satisfy Your Appetite (July 2021-Edition)

November 8, 2023by Russell Hawlader
It is no surprise that love for food is a basic instinct of mankind.

People are engaging more in the food business. Aside from having a physical shop, they have their own websites. Especially big restaurants and food chains like Mcdonalds, KFC have websites to maintain a better image.

— Nowadays, people are engaging more in the food business without a physical shop.

But, how?

An outstanding website is an ultimate solution. Your food can reach more people with an interactive website. You can also advertise your brand this way. To start an online food business in Bangladesh, you need to look for the best food websites design.

Top 6 Best Food Websites Design for The Ultimate Food Website

Who doesn’t like to eat?

Mouth-watering food can make a day better. In fact, you might be familiar with this speech –

“People who love to eat are always the best people”

– Julia Child (Famous American Cook)

Craving the love for food, we have come up with the 6 designs that are best for a food website. So, what are we waiting for? Bon appétit –

1) Tori Avey – A Splendid Design for Food Blog:

Tori Avey Restaurant Design

Insights about this site –

  • Estimated number of visitors per month – 586k
  • Loading speed  According PageSpeed Insights

Desktop 98

Mobile  62

  • Mobile Responsive – Average
  • Option for Product Reviews and Ratings – Yes
  • CMS: WordPress

What we like

  • A well-organized website.
  • Beautiful portraits and videos.
  • Very simple navigation.
  • Featured article sections.
  • Filters for browsing recipes.
  • Detailed author biography.

What we don’t like

  • The layout is a bit old with the era
  • The landing page is hard to digest.

Tori Avey has a surprising number of visitors. You can already guess the owner’s name from the website. Tori Avey does not only have a great design but also the ingredients for more traffic.

So, how does this website get so many visitors per month?

Tori Avey is a real-pro in her line of work, which is of course cooking. She likes to cook more than she likes food. Her website shows her dedication to cooking. She likes to share her cooking therapies on her website. This is the core of attracting more visitors.

If you want to express your cooking skills with a medium, you can make your own blog or youtube channel. And Tori Avey can be a great example if you are dedicated to building a food blog. Her website and timeless recipes are the inspirations of modern-day cooking.

Areas of improvement –

Tori Avey is the ultimate inspiration for food blogs. The layout seems to be older compared to the modern website design. Maybe it is for maintaining the simplicity of the website.

View Tori Avey

2) Thomas Vegetables – A Fresh One-Page Website Design

Thomas Vegetables - Beautiful Food shop Design
Insights about this site –

  • Estimated number of visitors per month – 294
  • Loading speed  According PageSpeed Insights

Desktop 98

Mobile  92

  • Mobile Responsive – Good
  • Option for Product Reviews and Ratings – No
  • CMS: WordPress

What we like

  • Unique page loader showing the brand’s logo.
  • A stunning slideshow on the landing page.
  • Unique cursor design.
  • Interactive parallax scrolling.

What we don’t like

  • In some portions, the layout doesn’t fit the frame
  • Poor mobile responsiveness.
  • A single-page website.

The most attractive thing about Thomas Vegetables is the splendid slideshow on the landing page. A premium vibe will automatically generate when someone views this. The color just flawlessly goes with the website design.

Thomas Vegetables has been selling fruits, vegetables, and eggs since 1980. So yeah, it’s a long time. This has established loyalty and trustworthiness among the customers. Founded by Vareeth Thaliyan, the core concept is to provide fresh handpicked foods from local farmers.

The popular vegetables are Ginger, Cauliflower, Coconut, Tomato, Garlic, Onion. You will feel the freshness of food by looking at the website. If you want to build a one-page food website in Bangladesh, then Thomas Vegetables is definitely worth a shot.

Areas of improvement –

Website speed is great. However, they really need to focus on the layout as it overlaps the frame.

View Thomas Vegetable

3) Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams – A Revolutionary Example for Food Website

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams
Insights about this site –

  • Estimated number of visitors per month – 40.9k
  • Loading speed  According PageSpeed Insights

Desktop 75

Mobile  30

  • Mobile Responsive – Average
  • Option for Product Reviews and Ratings – No
  • CMS: WordPress

What we like

  • A magnificent homepage layout to fall in love with.
  • Simple yet effective ordering process.
  • Fresh and user-friendly layout.
  • Stunning view on small screens.
  • Powerful and catchy words.
  • Close-up product shots

What we don’t like

  • The search bar is hard to find as it’s at one corner.
  • Only product review, no rating option.
  • Slow loading speed on mobile.

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams can be a great inspiration for those who are willing to open an online ice cream store in Bangladesh. The name comes from the owner of the store, Jeni Britton Bauer. She founded this in 2002.

Her idea for going online came from her physical ice cream shop, which she established back in 1996. Plenty of things on this website can be followed. Any user will fall in love with this website when they arrive.

— To build a beautiful yet interactive food website, one can get enough ideas from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams. Surely, this website reflects her love and dedication for ice cream. Each page of this website is well-decorated with attractive close-up shots.

Areas of improvement –

Although Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams is built exactly how it should be, adding a product review option will help the customers.

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

4) Khana’s – An Inspiring Fast-Food Website in Bangladesh

Best Food Websites Design
Insights about this site –

  • Estimated number of visitors per month – 100+
  • Loading speed  According PageSpeed Insights

Desktop 83

Mobile  38

  • Mobile Responsive – Not Good
  • Option for Product Reviews and Ratings – Yes
  • CMS: WordPress

What we like

  • Outlet’s address is marked in Google Maps
  • All sections are properly arranged
  • Simple yet engaging landing page
  • An eye-catching product menu
  • A detailed About page 

What we don’t like

  • No search bar
  • No online reservations
  • Some pages are yet to build
  • Scarcity of food picture

Khana’s is a popular fast-food restaurant in Bangladesh. You may already have visited this restaurant to grab a bite. They are popular for their mouthwatering burgers and naga chicken wings.

Khana’s was discovered in 2015, by Ehsan Ahmed Jaysun. The journey began with a small burger stand named Ande Khana. The restaurant soon turned into a franchise for his dedication.

There are lots of things to get inspired by this website. The menu or product page can be an example. The address of each outlet on their website is given on Google Maps. This will help the customers to find the nearest outlet.

Areas of improvement –

This is a new website. The website has gained a place in our list only for its layout. Unlike other restaurant websites in Bangladesh, this one comparatively has a better layout. They should work on the missing pages out of plenty of improvements.

View Khana’s

5) Pinza – Best Pizza Website Design

Insights about this site –

  • Estimated number of visitors per month – 622
  • Loading speed  According PageSpeed Insights

Desktop 64

Mobile  19

  • Mobile Responsive – Good
  • Option for Product Reviews and Ratings – Yes
  • CMS: Concrete5

What we like

  • A dedicated menu with filtering options.
  • Spectacular landing page.
  • Intuitive parallax scrolling.
  • Featured for online orders.
  • Email subscription section
  • Detailed locations of the outlets.
  • An insightful website.

What we don’t like

  • Layout breaks in small screens
  • Takes significant time to load
  • No review or rating option

Yes, Pinza has the most engaging layout on our list. We are amazed by the beautiful layout as well as the details of this website. This website did not underestimate the insights into beauty. We recommend giving attention to this matter for building a food website in Bangladesh.

From Pinza, we really find this particular section very intuitive –

Pinza Food Web Product presentation

This gives a total idea about all the pizzas they offer. And do you know what is cool about this section?

There is an Order Now button under each type of pizza. On top of that, you can filter them by categories. This menu is enough to get clear about all their recipes.

Areas of improvement –

This website is really beautiful and almost has no faults. However, we waited for some time to fully load the page. The loading time becomes slower on mobile devices. And speaking of mobile devices, they need to take care of the responsiveness for smaller screens.

View Pinza

6) Perennial – Best Cafe Website Design

Perennial Restaurant Shop
Insights about this site –

  • Estimated number of visitors per month – 85
  • Loading speed  According PageSpeed Insights

Desktop 67

Mobile  25

  • Mobile Responsive – Good
  • Option for Product Reviews and Ratings – Yes
  • CMS: Squarespace

What we like

  • The layout maintains the purpose of visiting the website
  • The location of the restaurant is marked exclusively.
  • A vintage vibe at the landing page.
  • Greatly responsive to smartphones.

What we don’t like

  • Limited images may disappoint some users.
  • The food menu can be improved.
  • No search bar.

Perhaps, Perennial might help you if you are looking for the best cafe website design. When you land on their website, you will see only the options that you require. This is the most interesting thing we like about this website. It helps to do what the customer came to do.

Maintaining simplicity for a cafe website is a tradition. But that doesn’t mean avoiding the essential parts of a website. Perennial exactly did that. The thing you should keep in mind – a cafe website is not a blog or eCommerce website, unnecessary elements can distract your audience.

— You will notice their menu, contact information, location, and other important topics. They have even included their opening and closing time and date. This indicates their careful thinking of making the website with simplicity.

Areas of improvement –

Perennial has maintained its website in a neat manner. However, being too simple isn’t acceptable for all. So, some may not like their layout.

To be honest, we think this is a brilliant and effective way to make a website, especially when it is a website for a cafeteria.

View Perennial

What are the ingredients for making a beautiful food website?

Are you not satisfied with your website? Perhaps you have missed something. This is the same for creating a food blog or website. You can ruin your website without these core ingredients. And, it’s about food, so you have to be creative.

Before going any further, taking a look at the best examples of eCommerce websites is worth a shot.

Beautiful food website design elements


Flavorsome Typography:

Typography on your website gives a hint about the food. Don’t use default fonts, rather look for innovative ones. Handwritten recipes, cookbooks, restaurant menus can give you inspiration for this.

A mixture of fonts in your blog is a great idea to build a different persona. You can use a different font for the important lines or great speeches by a famous person. Keep the rest of the words in another font.

Appealing Color:

Color is the magic for a food website. For a stand-out website design, eye-catching colors play a vital role. But, don’t use excessive color variants. This will decrease the page loading time. Also, your visitors won’t get any idea about your signature color if you use a lot of color variants.

A good trick of the book is – picking a color from the food on which your website is all about. You can lighten or darken the color if you are not a fan of the original color. Use to decorate the components of your website in the same palette.

As for an example – If my website is about apples or if apple is the niche of my website, then I would pick green (or close to green) for designing my website. I may darken or lighten the color depending on the look.

— For the typography, follow the opposite method. If you have darkened the color, the font color should be lightened.

Entice Pictures

Did you know?

– visitors first look at the image on the website

The combination of excellent photo-editing skills and innovative photography is the main ingredient of every successful food website.

Hire a professional photographer if you don’t have the skills to take brilliant photos. Food photography is an art and it can’t be taken lightly. Your website will look like any ordinary food website with boring photos.

Here are some insights to show you the importance of beautiful pictures for a website –

As you can see, 40% of people learn about food through an app, blog, or website. You will be more surprised to know that –

  • Social media introduces new foods to 49% of consumers.
  • Food apps were downloaded by 9% of people last year.

Juicy Content

Your content is the way to give your customers the knowledge they were seeking. Your content should fill the gaps in the knowledge of customers. At the same time, the topics should match their interests. You don’t want to feed your customers something that is hard to digest.

Engage with your readers in such a way that they always remain hooked to your website. Delivering fun, insightful, and easy-to-read content can catch their attention. Also, play with the titles or dish names to make better engagement.

— Try to include more information and values in your content. It is like adding extra toppings to your burger. The more the toppings, the more the taste.

There are hundreds of reports emphasizing the importance of valuable content. Content is one of the most important parts of attracting visitors to a website. Report indicates –

  • 55% more visitors come to the company’s website for blogs.
  • 63% of purchase decisions are influenced by blogs rather than magazines
  • 60% of consumers feel more positive about a company after reading content on their website





Tempting Interface The foundation of a successful website lies in a user-friendly interface. Customers can easily navigate or browse your website because of an interactive website. They won’t get distracted while they are on your website.

— Keep all the functions intuitive and consistent while you are designing a user interface. Make sure the best UI is working in the background. This will create a positive impact on the user experience. Because he can perform his desired action this way.

Maintaining an interactive user interface is not enough. Since you are going to create a food website, it has to be pretty. Additionally, it should be highly maintained and responsive to give a better experience in small screen devices (smartphones or tablets).

Handpicked article for you – Best financial website designs


Through this article, you can probably judge one thing –

Beauty, catchy images, menu lists, and reservation capability are common facts in a physical restaurant and a food website.

— Along with an inspiring user interface, large and beautiful images are needed to represent the dishes as well as the interior of your restaurant. If you do have a physical restaurant, don’t forget to add a reservation option on your website. Some even include map locations and business hours on their food website.

You may probably like one or two examples in this article. These examples can be used for guidance to build your food website. A few of them can be the source of inspiration to design your website.

by Russell Hawlader

I have been in the domain hosting and server industry for over 12 years and have achieved several enterprise-level certifications. When it comes to server security and hosting setup for businesses, I am a well-recognized consultant of international standard.

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