Business Website Design for Bangladesh

November 2, 2021by Russell Hawlader

Business Website Design for Bangladesh

KPMG survey data points out that 55% of people navigate online reviews and recommendations to purchase an item. Among them, 47% browse through the company website and 26% might show up at the physical store.

A strong online presence is important for the success of any business. Powerful first impressions always come from the finest business websites. Informative websites perform well. But only the beautiful ones capture the imagination.

— All Bangladeshi organizations want a pie of website design aesthetic, user-friendliness, interactive interface, and intuitiveness. The dominating sites are masterpieces irrespective of the industry. Both small businesses and corporations crave a similar outcome.

Aesthetically pleasing yet sophisticated websites easily touch a sweet spot. A lively one offers a superb user experience. So, business website design in Bangladesh is a major factor that requires due diligence, time, and in-depth knowledge.

What are the types of business website designs?

Essentially, there are three kinds of business website layouts. Our web design experts weigh in:

Lead generation

Basically, lead-based business websites capture leads. Powerful landing pages and inbound marketing content define their approach. These websites skillfully convert leads into customers.


Sales-oriented websites also focus on converting website visitors. The audience ultimately turns into customers. eCommerce businesses primarily tap into such a website architecture.

Brand building

Brand-building websites entirely concentrate on creating brand awareness among loyal customers and enthusiasts. The business website design goes both ways with B2B and B2C in focus.

Brands venture into all online platforms. This approach sufficiently gets their word out. However, all channels meet at the website. It is the main hub or anchor, giving all other streams a purpose.

What are the features of the best corporate websites?

Websites allow you a sneak peek into the essence of a business. A host of optimum elements comes together to forge a seamlessly functional website. So, the audience immerses into its content and remains engaged in diverse sections.

But what makes a robust corporate website? There is no surefire method to a stunning corporate website layout. The visitors’ tastes vary from person to person. So, web design is fundamentally a dynamic art form.

—However, there are some ground rules to fabricate an appealing business site framework. Add the experience of the web designer on top of these elements and get the finest output. Therefore, what are those web design factors? A 10-point discussion explains it all.

Stellar visual:

Outstanding design primarily cashes in on tremendous visitor attractions. Thus it captures public imagination for a solid online business foundation. It involves layout, fonts, colors, theme, images, white space, and logos.

It has to speak to the industry. The website must run in coherence with both online and offline components. Thus the design sets in motion a highly integrated brand throughout all media platforms. So, it becomes distinctly noticeable.

Professional outlook:

A brand website must stand out in terms of clean and simple design. This aspect portrays utmost professionalism by upholding a transparent image of the organization. For instance, a dull and colorless restaurant website is unlikely to captivate potential customers’ eyes.

The use of fonts and color palette goes in tandem with the organization and represents the functions. They seriously weigh in on the brand image.

Responsive design:

Web design should be responsive and optimized. So, all device sizes can effectively browse it. As most of your visitors tend to stem from mobile devices, responsive design matters the most. Fast and easy browsing privilege takes your organization places.

Experienced designers:

Corporate websites resort to seasoned website architects all along. Battle-hardened web developers, web designers, and content developers streamline your smooth online journey. Hence, intuitive layout and write-ups help your organization stand out among the crowd.

Amateurs can barely pull off time-tested methods. Their trial-and-error method is specifically unsuitable for a reputed brand. Therefore, pick a veteran web designer to initiate a state-of-the-art website. Peep into their previous records for a clear understanding.

Smooth & user-friendly navigation:

Innovative navigation takes the visitor wherever he needs to be. It helps track useful information without any fuss. Normally, the navigation tab appears at the top. You may find it at the left sidebar as well. Uncluttered and simple navigation thrusts your business forward.

Piece together similar pages under clearly defined headings. Tricky or difficult navigation bounces the visitors. They give in within seconds and leave the site. Your audience takes no time in clicking on the next SERP result on Google. So, user-friendly navigation has an immense impact on your online store.

Get into the shoes of your visitors:

An awesome website immaculately informs the visitor on how to use the website. A fresh and genuine web design goes easy with superb configurations. People flock to your online business to purchase goods and services. Corporate brands never test the patience of their audience. They make it totally uncomplicated. It is crucial for the success of your organization.

Precise & quality content:

Relevant content brings in your target audience like nothing else does. It is another top element for a functioning corporate website. Informative write-ups must band together with a concise writing format and professional tone. Thus it gets interesting to the reader. So, the visitors cannot take their eyes off the content.

Excellent content shoulders up to your online business by building your reputation as an industry expert. It involves product promotions, video productions, blogs, brochures, catalogs, and white papers. Effective and fresh content seizes their attention while making inroads for sound SEO outcomes. It gets you to the top of website ranking with spotless SEO.

Call-to-action button:

Strategic call-to-action buttons are impeccably coordinated with design and content. They entice your visitors to immediate purchases or signups. You may need to try multiple colors, formats, page placements, font sizes, and text styles to trigger positive responses from the audience.

—Again, an experienced web designer lends you a hand in the right direction. Tactically placed product and promotion links harvest quick results. Encourage your potential customers to sign up for the newsletters or future updates. Thus you can create a formidable user database for making future sales pitches. Establish an email signup button.


Optimized content and websites produce massive SEO impacts. This way, a corporate website goes up the ranking ladder. Good SEO puts your website on the map. People start noticing your online work. Otherwise, millions of websites remain invisible away from public spheres.

Methodically chosen keywords, metadata, and tags team up with great content and crisp images. All pages resonate the same tone and freshness. The use of relevant keywords reflects your core messages.

Corporate credibility:

The finest corporate websites earn the trust of their audience. Breathtaking web design and groundbreaking content promote your corporate agenda. However, consistent site design and grammatically correct writeups do the heavy lifting for you.

Tactically locate the mainstream social media links down each of the website pages. Provide your contact information on the website as well. So, enthusiasts can get to you in seconds.

Case Studies on 10 Hand-Picked Websites

The Ruby Company


Here comes a top-notch corporate website belonging to the agriculture industry. They are a reputed product and logistics supplier. The site stands out with its transparent, professional-quality images, sleek typography, and awesome visual elements.

The appearance strikes a chord with the target audience right then and there. A simple navigation menu reveals everything about the company, including the products. Page transition effects really charm your soul. All the pages are marked with supreme attention to detail.

Urban Influence


Impressive homepage videos catch your eyes in a moment. Splendid text overlays create a formidable impression. This is a small business website, offering cool and innovative ideas all over the place. Let’s break the web design rules and stigmas to stretch out your brand identity with confidence. That’s the way to carve out new pathways!

Hausm ann

Hausm ann

As a top-drawer single-page website, CH. Hausmann gets the pulse of the audience. They provide all the information you need while conserving space. Make it straight to the core point as their law-related clients have no time for dilly dally.

—As a law firm, their website elicits classic confidence, success, reliability, professionalism, and experience. The homepage expresses these ideas by displaying a picture of self-assured senior associates before a government building in London.

The building exudes a solid foundation and strong structure of the law firm. Simultaneously, the senior fellows add credibility to their experience with a deft human touch. You also find the career profiles of other members there. Besides, a useful contact form and a map give the potential clients a clear guideline in the right direction.



Eugenius plainly articulates IT concepts to their non-IT residential and business clients. An innovative and game-oriented design sets them apart from the crowd. Their corporate website unleashes eye-catching color contrast and animation.

The cursor hovers animations and makes scrolling interactive to the visitors. The one-of-a-kind navigation arouses audience interest in scrolling for more. Everyone likes an IT website that speaks to their requirements with playful attributes down the path.



A real estate website turns its corporate identity into a dream destination. One easily locates the choicest homes while riding a convenient online expedition. Ample save and storage options on the website give the audience access to the right home.

Everything is easy to find with Zillow by the side. The prominent Search Area in the hero banner encourages new users to rapidly go through listings. There is nothing shadowy or secret about their housing approach. The user ultimately leaves totally satisfied.



A broad range of automotive data helps the customer track the right vehicle. Cap HPI provides vehicle valuation services at every stage of the vehicle lifecycle. Their corporate brand image prompts ultimate professionalism and remarkable confidence.

Highly optimized navigation and precise solutions outline their online presence. The visitors quickly detect whether Cap HPI can serve them or not. Its web design, one-off color palette, and subtle animations guarantee refreshing visuals.

Hello Monday

Hello Monday

The Hello Monday website caters to digital products, services, and ideas. Compelling header animation instantly takes our hearts. The full-screen animated navigation bar is certainly a new addition.

Playful cursor and dynamic scrolling make your website journey enjoyable. Appealing image animations and GIFs take it several notches up. Plain and simple visuals across the site bring out your agreeable personality.

Inside Company

Inside Company

Here comes a marketing company to transform your online organization inside out. And their website plentifully reflects their original ideas. Animated geometric shapes self-modify with your scrolling down the page. The visitor never gets tired of such a charming atmosphere.

Unusual color palettes redefine their online existence. An elementary, humble menu floats the audience from page to page. The whole website seems to be turning and twisting in a lively fashion. Precise copywriting makes their argument decisive. An outstanding portfolio furthers audiences’ desire to hop onboard their journey.

Martin Building Co.

Martin Building Co

Strategic use of white space and color alterations produce a favorable impression at the very outset. The architectural firm exploits incredibly powerful structural photos to make its case. A stellar visual experience drums up audience expectations.

—A smooth transition from one page to another puts you in hyper mode. The subtle differences are streaming every which way, summoning a superb user experience. Once a visitor reaches the website, he wants to stay there for a while.



As a workforce management solution, Workrise draws attention to a clean design. This feature adequately echoes their professionalism and superior services. They put the business and workers on the same platform to initiate a seamless connection among all parties. The homepage design reflects this idea of smoothness.

Animated headline and text alterations zero in on the relevant keywords. You are actually looking for those texts in an online team management tool. The website defines its target customers right from the start, any business or worker. Lucid service explanation and a neat navigation button argue in their favor.


Corporate websites must break the shackles of brochure texts. Copied content and design fail to fascinate your modern audience. The online world is hungry for genuine content. Make it unique and spread out your brand message.

Give them what they want and in return, take what you need. Breathe fresh life into your brand with concise and dynamic content. Go creative with a powerful web design.

—An innovative corporate website drives new customers and retains the old ones. Impressive websites robustly convince visitors to purchase products. Thus your call-to-action button becomes irresistible.

Your organization deserves a remarkable website. Tap into all these elements to impart a lasting impression on the audience. Then, generate leads, convert, and make unprecedented margins by exploiting all online and social platforms.

by Russell Hawlader

I have been in the domain hosting and server industry for over 12 years and have achieved several enterprise-level certifications. When it comes to server security and hosting setup for businesses, I am a well-recognized consultant of international standard.

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