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September 26, 2021by Editor Team2

To make your home or workplace beautiful, you have to think about it as a canvas. And yes, we are talking about considering the whole house in this case. Beautiful paintings can make your house more elegant and glamorous. It can also reflect your peculiarity and love for passion. That is why Helen Frankenthaler (American abstract expressionist painter) once said –

“Every canvas is a journey all its own” 

And the journey of decorating your home or workplace starts with the proper paint job. No matter how you decorate your house with innovative ideas, it will all be wasted without the right set of colors.

Best Interior Website Design in Bangladesh

Who doesn’t like to see his house is properly painted? One can either paint the house after the construction or repaint the house when the existing paint becomes damp or pale.

— But, how do you find out which agency is the most appropriate to paint your house or workplace in a convenient way?

You can learn about the agency by judging its website. The more organized the website, the more they are professional in their work. At least that’s what we believe and this is how it usually works. After doing comprehensive research, we have found these websites absolutely magnificent for house painting services. You also check-  business website design 

1) Phinney Ridge Painting:

Phinney Ridge Painting

Insight About This Site

Estimated number of visitors per month: 2700

Loading speed  (According to Page Speed Insights):

Desktop – 85

Mobile – 60

Mobile Responsive: Good


  • Beautiful and interactive fullscreen homepage slider
  • Automatic menu bar hides while scrolling
  • Their project view with an interactive gallery section

CMS: WordPress

When it comes to professional painting with a professional touch, nothing beats Phinney Ridge Painting. They are one of the best house painting service providers in Seattle, Washington. A team of professionals works with cutting-edge technologies to paint the interior and exterior of residential houses or commercial buildings.

— Aside from professional painting, Phinney Ridge Painting is associated with carpentry, setting up decks and fences, designing gutters and roofs, and more. Unlike typical companies, they send each of their leading painters to have EPA RRP lead safe training. Their website is applauded for its beauty and responsiveness.

Visit Phinney Ridge Painting

2) Paintzen


Insight About This Site

Estimated number of visitors per month: 34700

Loading speed  (According to PageSpeed Insights):

Desktop – 80

Mobile – 35

Mobile Responsive: Average


  • A free quote system regarding your project
  • Simple yet effective design
  • A separate section is properly indicated

CMS: WordPress

Paintzen offers painting services all over the United States. They have been providing quality painting services in Boston, Dallas, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Pittsburgh, Portland, San Francisco, Seattle, and other places in the USA. The most unique thing about their website is the free quote feature that will initiate your project with them.

If a customer feels uncomfortable about getting his building painted, then this free quote makes the arrangements a lot easier for them. Furthermore, they use PPG paint for guaranteed satisfaction and quality. Having proper insurance and license, their painters have more than 5 years of experience in painting local houses and commercial buildings.

Visit Paintzen

3) Interior Ace Studio

Interior Ace Studio

Insight About This Site

Estimated number of visitors per month: 450

Loading speed  (According to PageSpeed Insights):

Desktop – 87

Mobile – 48

Mobile Responsive: Poor


  • Request for a quotation or call directly to have an appointment
  • A dedicated section of completed projects with an image gallery
  • Easy navigation with the homepage menu bar

CMS: Custom

Although Interior Ace Studio is reputed for home and office interior design, the quality of their house painting service is significant. They have many prestigious clients like Walton, CMUD, Jobike, and even the Bangladesh Army. So, they are quite a big deal.

With proven expertise, they offer valuable painting solutions at affordable prices. You can call or request a quotation directly from their website. They also have a coupon system to call or book for their services. They say that – client satisfaction is their prime priority and we guess that also reflects on their website. — However, they really should work on the responsiveness of the website. Here is a demonstration of their interior design –

Visit Interior Ace Studio

4) Miami Painting Services

Miami Painting Services

Insight About This Site

Estimated number of visitors per month: 2000

Loading speed  (According to PageSpeed Insights):

Desktop – 71

Mobile – 43

Mobile Responsive: Good


  • A smart hamburger menu in the responsive view
  • Request for a quote button and a helpline number in the homepage banner
  • Fast, beautiful, and organized layout

CMS: WordPress

Judging by the name, you can understand that Miami Painting Services works inside the United States. This painting service agency has some skilled painters who are specialized in all types of painting services. We have enlisted this website for attention to detail.

With 10 years of experience, they have become one of the leading commercial and residential painting contractors in Miami. Aside from interior and exterior painting, they offer exclusive painting services like Stucco/brick painting, popcorn removing, deck and arbor staining, driveway painting, and many more.

Visit Miami Painting Services

5) Berger Bangladesh

Barger Bangladesh

Insight About This Site

Estimated number of visitors per month: 10200

Loading speed  (According to PageSpeed Insights):

Desktop – 72

Mobile – 65

Mobile Responsive: Good


  • Interactive search icon inside the menu bar
  • A dedicated newsletter subscription in the footer
  • Products are exclusively categorized and arranged

CMS: WordPress

Undoubtedly, Berger is one of the best painting service providers in Bangladesh. Berger has been involved with home painting services for decades. And they are trusted and renowned worldwide. Each painting product is categorized with precise details to make the navigation a lot easier.

For the extraordinary interior, exterior, industrial, marine painting services; Berger stores different types of paints such as Marine paints, Industrial paints, Powder coating, and Enamel paints. The most amazing thing about the website is how each product is organized with its features, filter option, color section, and advertisement video like below –

Visit Berger Bangladesh

6) Sheba


Insight About This Site

Estimated number of visitors per month: 46800

Loading speed  (According to PageSpeed Insights):

Desktop – 72

Mobile – 34

Mobile Responsive: Poor


  • Live customer support chat option
  • FAQ, review, and rating option for each service
  • An interactive search bar remains always on top for user convenience

CMS: Custom (Laravel, WordPress, Nuxt.Js, Node.Js, and many)

How can we not mention Sheba when it comes to home interior design and decoration. Aside from home painting, Sheba is involved in plumbing, pest control, home cleaning, and other services. They are actively delivering their services in Dhaka and Chittagong, in some of the most respected areas like Gulshan, Banani, Mirpur DOHS, Uttara, Dhanmondi, etc.

When we talk about the design of the website, there’s nothing too much. This website has taken a place in our list for its remarkable service. That being said, the design has essential elements that are very easy to navigate. So, if you are looking for a website design that is easy to digest, this can be your best choice.

Visit Sheba

7) Asian Paints Bangladesh

Asian Paints

Insight About This Site

Estimated number of visitors per month: 12900

Loading speed  (According to PageSpeed Insights):

Desktop – 82

Mobile – 40

Mobile Responsive: Good


  • Services are properly distributed in the navigation menu bar
  • Image gallery option for locating color idea stores
  • Has side footer widgets for location and customer support
  • Option for submitting enquires for a particular service

CMS: Custom (Adobe Experience Manager)

We guess we don’t need to introduce Asian Paints to our readers, especially in Bangladesh. When you face any difficulties regarding painting, just land on their website. You will notice an email and telephone number on top of the website. And, there is a search bar to perform an interactive search, finding exactly what you are looking for. This makes the user interface much more friendly.

Just like Berger, they are one of the leading painting manufacturers in Bangladesh. And their website truly reflects that reputation. However, they are not really into home interior design and painting. They are more engaged in large commercial projects.

Visit Asian Paints Bangladesh 

Bottom Line:

So if you want to start a reliable house painting service in Bangladesh, the above website designs can be some of the best options to get inspired. Not only for design but also you can get ideas for organizing your website from these options. — On top of that, you can inspect whether your website is missing any important parts or not.

We hope reading this article gives you hope for starting your own house paint website.  Let us know your personal opinion regarding house paint website designs and as always, thanks for reading this article.

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