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Housing is one of the basic human needs. From time immemorial, the demand for housing has been growing constantly. And the worldwide pandemic Covid-19 has triggered this demand even more. This is exactly why the real estate business is at the forefront of all businesses.

Day by day, there are new real estate companies. In 2013, there were about 800 companies. Now, the number has risen to 1073, of which only 879 are listed in REHAB (Real Estate and Housing Association of Bangladesh).

—  Anyways, when you are going to initiate a real estate business, a sophisticated website will greatly enhance your brand image. This made us write today’s article on the top real estate website examples in Bangladesh.

10 Outstanding Examples of Real Estate Websites

Yes, you might be a reputed real estate developer in Bangladesh. But your company may not find the right customer for the lack of a suitable website. As a whole, your business may not be booming as expected.

The real estate sector in Bangladesh is growing and you need to be smart to stand out of the competition. The 2020 Real Estate Statistics Report could give a hint of what we are talking about.

Real Estate Website Examples

To do business in the most profitable way, you need a website for a real estate company. And when you look at the best real estate websites, you will become Picasso about website design.

1) SouthBreeze 

South Breeze

Insights about this site –

Best for: Buyers, Portfolio, Finding an agent 

Estimated number of visitors per month: 300 

Loading speed  (According to PageSpeed Insights):

Desktop – 84 

Mobile – 58

Mobile Responsive: Good


  • Dynamic zoom on the landing page
  • Exclusive side menu
  • Selection of elegant images 

CMS: Gatsby 

SouthBreeze set a monument of the best real estate website example in Bangladesh. Visiting the landing page will give you a premium vibe. SouthBreeze declares – “When you think about quality, think SouthBreeze.” And kudos to their website for maintaining a brilliant quality. 

There’s nothing to dislike about the website. With a remarkable design, the layout is very user-friendly. And every important content of the website is arranged systematically and beautifully. All in all, SouthBreeze has set an example for the best property website in Bangladesh.

Visit SouthBreeze 

2) Building Technology & Ideas Ltd – BTI

Building Technology & Ideas Ltd

Insights about this site –

Best for: Buyers, Landowners, Sellers

Estimated number of visitors per month: 8400 

Loading speed  (According to PageSpeed Insights):

Desktop – 59

Mobile – 28

Mobile Responsive: Good


  • Floating social media icons at the side.
  • A featured video section.
  • Organized and interactive layout.

CMS: WordPress

They say introductions matter. Whether you believe it or not, Building Technology & Ideas Ltd (BTI) sure does. And there is no better way than their website to introduce them in Bangladesh. Almost every real estate company in Bangladesh admires Building Technology & Ideas Ltd. So, there is no doubt to observe excellence in their website.

They introduced themselves in a delicate way where you get to know about their worth ethic and quality of service. Also, they included a review section for their customers and landowners. The website is so easy to navigate for the hamburger menu. All the submenus are properly arranged in the main menu. Trust us, it is surely one of the best realtor website examples in Bangladesh. 

You will also notice a section for the founder and advisor of Building Technology & Ideas Ltd, Arshi Haider. Is it cool? We definitely think so.

Visit Building Technology & Ideas Ltd

3) Concord Group


Insights about this site –

Best for: Buyers, Landowners, Portfolio 

Estimated number of visitors per month: 320 

Loading speed  (According to PageSpeed Insights):

Desktop – 86

Mobile – 36

Mobile Responsive: Good


  • A dedicated slideshow presenting their success stories.
  • Above the footer, a detailed map indicating their location.
  • Detailed icons showing – Ongoing, Upcoming, and Completed Projects. 

CMS: Custom (JSON, PHP, LiteSpeed)  

How can we not mention Concord Group when it comes to describing the best real estate websites design in Bangladesh. Concord Group comes with a real estate website design that is not ordinary, rather extraordinary. Like it or not, it is undoubtedly a top realtor site.   

Concord Group has participated in many big real estate projects in Bangladesh. They have handed over 10,000 units to customers and completed 1200 projects. Even building the National Martyrs’ Memorial, Concord Group had an active part. The Fantasy Kingdom in Bangladesh is also worthy of mention. 

Visit Concord Group

4) Nieva Inc


Insights about this site –

Best for: Finding an agent, Portfolio

Estimated number of visitors per month: 290

Loading speed  (According to PageSpeed Insights):

Desktop – 86

Mobile – 60

Mobile Responsive: Good


  • An elegant landing page.
  • A dedicated area for featured projects.
  • Insights about their work with solid numbers.

CMS: Ucraft 

The website of Nieva Inc. got a place in our list for being the best personal real estate website. This is a one-page real estate website with a satisfying loading speed. Nieva Inc has been dealing with brands like Aston Martin. So, you can guess what we are talking about. 

Although we really missed the main menu, it is tolerable as it is a one-page website. Furthermore, they could have elaborated the contact section. However, the website’s large beautiful images and interactive layout really cover up these small negatives of this website.

Visit Nieva Inc

5) CENTURY 21 Real Estate

Century 21

Insights about this site –

Best for: Buyers, Sellers, Mortgage, Finding an agent

Estimated number of visitors per month: 2.9 million

Loading speed  (According to PageSpeed Insights):

Desktop – 91 

Mobile – 46

Mobile Responsive: Good


  • Live chat and instant calls from the website are allowed.
  • Each section is carefully crafted for a better user experience.
  • Real-time search option.
  • It is a multilingual website

CMS: Drupal

The CENTURY 21 Real Estate is just not a beautiful name, it’s a name of a beautiful real estate website. Among all the real estate website designs in this article, this particular one is a multilingual site. This can be an ideal example for the real estate service providers in Bangladesh if they want to expand their business outside the national border.

In addition to its multiple language support, we really liked the simplicity of the website. It has a minimalistic layout that brings both luxury and ease of usability. It comes with a large footer that includes their popular real estate markets and resources.

Visit CENTURY 21 Real Estate

6) HomeFinder


Insights about this site –

Best for: Buyers, Sellers, Renters

Estimated number of visitors per month: 820k 

Loading speed  (According to PageSpeed Insights):

Desktop – 68 

Mobile – 42

Mobile Responsive: Decent


  • Find properties using zip codes or cities.
  • Friendly user interface.
  • The search option has a lot of filtering options.
  • Built-in mortgage calculator.

CMS: Custom (JSON, Nuxt.Js, Node.Js, Nginx) 

If you want to have a minimalistic real estate website design, take a look at the website of HomeFinder. The website is simple yet it serves all the necessary functionalities. The most admiring part of this website is perhaps not the design, it is the interactive search method.

Searching available properties will become easier than ever with this search method. Also, there are lots of filtering options based on the minimum price, maximum price, number of beds, number of baths, property type, and so on.

Visit Home Finder

7) Shanta Holdings Ltd


Insights about this site –

Best for: Buyers, Sellers, Landowners, Portfolio

Estimated number of visitors per month: 3000

Loading speed  (According to PageSpeed Insights):

Desktop – 82 

Mobile – 46 

Mobile Responsive: Good


  • A brilliant circular-shaped filter on Ongoing, Upcoming, and Completed projects.
  • A dedicated area linked to YouTube videos and Instagram images.
  • An interactive map with satellite view.

CMS: Custom (JSON, PHP, Nginx) 

The website of Shanta Holdings Ltd deserves a spotlight on the list of award-winning real estate websites. They didn’t forget to leave anything on their website. Despite all these elements, the website looks fresh and organized. The most interesting part of their website is the integration of their Youtube channel and Instagram page.

On top of that, the website is decorated with an innovative circle that shows the ongoing, upcoming, and completed projects when you hover on it. There are high-resolution images on the website that are garnished by smart slideshows. Moreover, the users can get answers to their questions from the live message box.   

Visit Shanta Holdings Ltd

8) Sheltech (Pvt.) Limited


Insights about this site –

Best for: Buyers, Sellers, Portfolio, Finding an agent

Estimated number of visitors per month: 897 

Loading speed  (According to PageSpeed Insights):

Desktop – 78

Mobile – 36 

Mobile Responsive: Good


  • An exclusive homepage banner.
  • Real-time feedback to submit any inquiry.
  • Direct phone call system with one click.

CMS: Custom (JSON, PHP, Apache)

Sheltech (Pvt.) Limited is another pioneer in the real estate industry. Although we have seen the hamburger menu on previous websites in this article. Sheltech (Pvt.) Limited has enhanced it a little more. They have added the Contact Us section along with contact details in this menu.

It’s not just a polished real estate agent website example, the website includes every detail carefully. You can reach the essential functionalities very easily. They have organized the whole website in a user-friendly manner. They have also shared an emergency contact number along with the social media icons right above the footer.

Visit Sheltech (Pvt.) Limited 

9) Calcagno & Hamilton

Calcagno & Hamilton (1)

Insights about this site –

Best for: Buyers, Sellers, Consulting

Estimated number of visitors per month: 639 

Loading speed  (According to PageSpeed Insights):

Desktop – 92

Mobile – 27 

Mobile Responsive: Good


  • The main menu is equipped with useful resources.
  • A dedicated blog section describing their lifestyle.
  • An innovative layout represents a unique personality.

CMS: Squarespace

The Calcagno & Hamilton is a real estate website from California that comes with a different approach. It doesn’t look like any typical real estate website. And it’s not only the look but also the functionality. Calcagno & Hamilton are more into buying and selling concierge-type properties where you can contact them for consulting.

Calcagno & Hamilton do real estate business within their neighborhoods. That’s why they have listed the areas in the main menu that are within the neighborhood. The business is more like a family to them. That’s why they have included each member in the main menu with a separate submenu.

Also, it is rare to see a blog section on a real estate website. Since Calcagno & Hamilton take their business personally, they decided to share their lifestyle and way of business through their blogs. This makes them an ideal specimen of personal real estate websites.

Visit Calcagno & Hamilton   

10) Anwar Landmark 

Anwar Landmark 

Insights about this site –

Best for: Sellers, Buyers, Portfolio 

Estimated number of visitors per month: 4200 

Loading speed  (According to PageSpeed Insights):

Desktop – 68

Mobile – 37 

Mobile Responsive: Fair


  • An exclusive search option with various filtering options.
  • A floating bar including social media icons at the side.
  • Live support through WhatsApp and Messenger.

CMS: Custom (JSON, PHP, Nginx)

Anwar Landmark sets a top real estate website design example. Ensuring a great website is a prime concern of Anwar Landmark as they are one of the leading real estate developers in Bangladesh. Their website is designed with the utmost care, preserving every inch of detail. To prove the loyalty of their work, they also included testimonials from verified customers.

A floating menu bar will be always there at the side as soon as you land on the website. The menu bar includes almost all the popular social media icons. A user can interact with them via WhatsApp and Messenger. This might be a hassle as you have to have Whatsapp or log in to your Facebook account. Also, some of the icons of this website overlap in responsive mode.       

Visit Anwar Landmark


Hope you found this article really useful. We devoted ourselves to making this article as resourceful as possible with in-depth analysis and hard-to-find information. Remember, not all the real estate websites may not be from Bangladesh, but they are mentioned in this article for their uniqueness.

Just for a quick recap, we think the website of SouthBreeze stands out for its creative layout, innovative functionalities, and eye-catching images. We would like to nominate this website as our top choice for the best real estate website design in Bangladesh. As runner-ups, we have chosen the websites of Building Technology & Ideas Ltd (BTI) and Home Finder.

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